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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Cardio today.. was Insanity.. I'm beginning to think I'm the only one who hates doing Insanity.. or at least following along with any type of workout. It was 30 minutes.. and a lot of jumping, jogging, lunges all of which are good.. I just don't like it.. mostly the jumping stuff. It makes me dizzy jumping up then squatting down to touch my toes or the floor. It's kind of like amusement parks for me.. when I was a kid.. I loved all the rides as an adult.. they make me sick.. I'll still do it.. but it's not a great feeling..

I had yet another test today in my Anatomy class.. I counted 13 more to go! Only 3 done.. This weeks test was on skin.. all about skin, oil, glands, layers, functions, cells.. you name it... we covered it.. For all my week long memorizing efforts.. it was 20 questions and we had 16 minutes to take it.. I was done after 8 minutes but had a ? for a fill in the blank... I just hate when I don't have multiple guess answers.  I also hate it that when I hit the submit test button.. I don't find out my score. I do find out who's already taken the test and what the % was.... Here's the low down.. 1 person got 75% (not passing since you need a B or better to pass) and 4 got 95% or better... 1 was at 100%.. Could that be me? Probably not since I think I bombed that one question.. you know the fill in the blank and I'm BLANK!

I have to share this.. Do you ever think your searching for a Innocent word.. Like "Test" and come up with something Not what you were expecting? Like Testes

 and then you see all these photos to go with the wrong word.. It made me giggle and I shared the oops auto correct with Steve..

Two Day Old Bread...

Does anyone ever eat 2 day old bread? This is my pre-cardio circuit workout meal today.. 2 day old wheat Italian bread, Swiss cheese, mustard and a green salad with light ranch
I never check the date on the bread because we go through so much, so fast.. Today, I decided to check.. 1/28/13.. hum...? It didn't look or smell different..

I always add my "L" trademark to all my water bottles... This is because I have at least 10 bottles at all times and I want to make sure they are all mine.. I don't want to hear "Oh, I think that was my water!" Ever!!! I just don't like sharing liquids or food for that matter, unless it can be divided and put on a separate plate or in a cup. 

It's a busy Thursday.. as always.. I am rushing from one activity to the next.. Workout.. work.. workout.. test..workout.. wine party.. 

One of these days.. someone's going to answer a question.. I'll keep 

Please do comment, share or ask anything..

Do you share food/drinks?

What do you/if anything write on your water bottles? 

Other Runners.. 29

I'm always in search of finding other blogs about women that also love to run. Mostly I come across those super athletes that do marathons and only talk about what kind of jelly/fuel (or something like that)they are eating during races. What their times were.. pictures of them in super racing gear.. Sure that's all great for them but most of us... just won't ever be at that level. We can't travel the states going from race to race... unlimited funds and time to just run. I just want the down to earth runner... that loves to eat.. shares their ups and downs, offers advice on what's been working and what not been working for them. I love how some include their other life.. out side of running.. Because there is more to life.. more hours in the day to do more things then just run.. 

So.. if you know of any great blogs.. besides the ones I've found..let me know.. and send me a link. 

29 days to happiness... (because we've already done day 31 and 30)
Q: What do you love about the weekend? What's one thing that's going to be fun on your todo list this very weekend? 

Is it watching the super bowl.. going to a party..eating some really good food, going out... eating out.. staying indoors.. just not having to work? 

A: This weekend.. is going to be the first day I advertise for my new personal training business. I'm ready to go.. test out the waters and I'm nervous and excited! 

On my fun todo list.. Cross country skiing.. and doing a home-workout for 30 minutes, cardio-circut. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Polka-dot, Bikini...Buns..

In Keeping with the good.. the bad and ugly.. I do keep it real here.. 
This is what I need work on.. and that's why I run, run my buns off every single day in hopes some day this tiny poka-dot bikini will be looking good from the rear view.. 

Is sure is Eye Opening.. seeing the behind view.. We never see our back side that often until someone is nice enough to catch us.. and it's not always flattering.. 

At least those dimples that I complain about are hidden.. I still have a lot more cushy in the tush .. then I'd like.. probably genetics holding me back at this point.. 


What areas do you hide? Stomach.. buns..ugly toe nails.. 

Are there clothes you just don't wear? And What? Leggings seem to be getting a bad rap lately.. I love them.. and will keep wearing them.. body hugging or not! 

It's Officially Done!

Personal Training Coach
A Fit and Healthy Life Style for all Women

  •      I offer One-on-One Personal Training Support to get you fit for life.
  •      I come to you.. a Fitness program in your home..
  •          Making fitness fun and something you can stick with.
  •          No gyms to join, no travel to work-out, as I supply all the workout equipment needed.
  •          I bring the Personal Training to you.
  •          Custom designed workout plans to fit your goals and budget
  •          30 to 60 minute sessions, when it’s convenient to workout.
  •          On-going contact to keep you on track, for your fitness goals.
                                         Finally, a program designed just for you, that works!

Get started on a new you.. a new healthy, fit life!

Call Lorraine to schedule a Free Fitness Consultation at (###) ###-####
or e-mail:
                                                        C. Lorraine Nelson
                                                   Certified Personal Trainer
                                                     (###) ###- #### or

You and Only You Make it Happen!

That's right.. no one else can make things happen in your life. If your envious of someones good fortune, weight loss, running goals, workout, body.. you have the power within yourself to make things like that happen for you too! 

It's easy to get caught up wishing we had what someone else has. For me.. I always am envious of people going on tropical vacations. Or running a race faster then I can.. or placing before me. Maybe they are thinner then me, or more fit.. or can run more miles in a week.. Or just seem to be having more fun in life.. 

We all need to create our "Make it happen" list. Keep our accomplishments or goals in plain view every day as a reminder of what we want.. 

Every year I make a list of what I want for my life... 

  • Debt free
  • Vacations
  • Exercise Daily
  • Keep the weight off
  • Be happy

The only goal that gets neglected is vacations to some where tropical. How am I going to change this? Work more and earn more.. of course working more mean no time for vacation because I'm too busy working! It's all balance in life.. I have to stop wishing I could go places and start making it a priority! I want to see the world and enjoy life and not keep dreaming about it.. 

This is my Be happy part.. of my..... 30 days of finding happiness... 

Write a goal down that makes you happy! Find a photo.. post it on your frig, wall, computer screen, bathroom mirror.. Write mini baby steps to reach your goal... 

My Goal is go on vacations to tropical places at least 1x a year.. 

  • Save money for vacation - all cash - stash in bank for spending money
  • Work more.. and put in vacation fund. 
  • Advertise to get more jobs
  • Do an Expo to get my business out there.. to get more business
  • Create a website for my business to get the word out.. 
  • Stop procrastinating and do something to get more customers every single day do at least one thing! 
  • Chart my vacation goal progress... or at least write it down in my todo list! 

This time next year.. I'll be able to tell you about the fab vacation I went on and how I made it happen!  

I had to share our new Accomplishment wall... So proud of my kids and me too! 

Here's my injury from yesterday's ski fall... not too bad

Can you see the bruise on my ankle bone? 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Flyer... what do you think?

I still have to draw a workout girl.. she needs tennis shoes and some weights..
Here's my flyer.. it's a start!!!!! It looks something like this.. 


Personal Training Coach
A Fit and Healthy Life Style for all women

  •          I offer One on One Personal Training Support to get you fit for life.
  •          I come to you.. a Fitness program in your home..
  •          Making fitness fun and something you can stick with.
  •          No gyms to join, no travel to work-out, as I supply all the workout equipment needed.
  •          I bring the Personal Training to you.
  •          Custom designed workout plans to fit your goals and budget
  •          30, 45 to 60 minute sessions, when it’s convenient to workout.
  •       On-going contact to keep you on track, for your fitness goals
                                              Finally, a program designed just for you, that works!

Get started on a new you.. a new healthy, fit life!

                                                  Call Lorraine to schedule a free fitness consultation at (###) ###-####

Lorraine Nelson
Certified Personal Trainer

Any suggestions for me?  

My Cross Country Skiing Fall.....

It was a little icy out there today skiing. I fell and I fell hard.. right on my side.. I have a nice bruise forming on my ankle bone. I could feel it hurting when I was skiing after my fall but just thought it was some snow down in my boot, between my socks and skin. Can't wait to see how black and blue it looks tomorrow.. It's already a nice shade of purple.. (I'll save you the pix)

See ice covered side walk.. In all it was a perfect day to ski. Just as I started to ski.. I noticed little puffs of snow falling.. picture perfect.. It hardly lasted..

I skied my normal trail.. all around Lebanon Park.. and finished with the expert trail..which is just a way to say. .there are a lot of hills to go up and not much coming down.. Finished in 50 minutes and felt sweaty, hot and great! 

I just love days where I can get outside, in the fresh air and get some exercise.

My 31 days of Happiness Challenge.

Have you come across a happiness challenge? I found one lasting for 21 days, but it was not much of a challenge.. it was more like putting up with things and forcing yourself to be happy. Is that really happy? I've decided to come up with my own challenge... It's Day 1

The first day of 31 days of my happiness challenge! 

Q: List thirty-one things you were happy about today.. 

Ready Set go.. you have 24 hours to do it.. 

Here's the start of my list and I'll be adding on as the day goes on..

31. That's my favorite number.. 31. The day I was born on.. my lucky number so I am super happy to start backwards from 31 to 1.. 

30. I had my down time of over an hour to re-group and plan for the day. 

29. I get to cross country ski today! 

28. We have enough snow to cross country ski.. and that makes me happy!

27. I ate the rest of my favorite meal for leftover b-fast this morning.. rice Bulgogi.. 

26. A new Cardio class to look forward to doing this afternoon

25. Getting to frame my ACE certificate today and hang it on the wall in the office. 

24. Time to study.. and will make time to run this afternoon

25. I'll have time to take a nap.. a power 30 minute nap after I ski! 

24. I'm done with my class assignments and feel almost 100% ready for Thursday or Fridays test! 

23. Looking forward to lunch, Peanut butter toast.. because I didn't have it for b-fast and now am missing it on my new whole grain bread. (who would have thought I'd love this combo and crave it)

24. One more day closer to the weekend! 

23. I finished making my personal training flyer to start advertising

22. I have all my forms to meet with clients in place for personal training

21. It's 33+ F outside and warm enough so I don't feel really cold

20. I bought some Pringles.. thought I needed the salt.. Yep.. they were delicious! 

19. Cardio class was canceled so I got to work on other things I needed to do! 

18. I put up my certificate on the wall with the kids achievements. 

17. I'm having taco's for dinner tonight and I love my salsa

16. It was beautiful out in the woods today.. 

15. I am getting a refund check in the mail for $154.94 

14. I have plans to take a 30 minute nap 


No Happy Camper Here!

We drove out to workout this morning.. it took us over 5 minutes just to go down the road in what normally takes a minute. It was just too slippery out to drive all the way to the gym. I seriously was thinking it could take 30 minute to make a 10 minute trip. I also wasn't feeling very safe in the car, so we turned around and headed for home. I didn't even have to say much to Steve to convince him it just wasn't worth the risk of being on the roads this morning. It's like an ice rink out there on the roads, but from the news they said the highways were just wet. 

I'm not in a very happy mood this morning.. kind of irritated.. not just because I could not workout, because I was not able to study for the hour.. Celina decided she was not feeling well... which never happens... and is probably staying home. I think I had something to do with that last night.. I got it in her head that it could be too foggy this morning and school could be delayed. I have a feeling she's going to be home all day. I don't need anyone home on my day where I need to get a lot done. 

I just don't want to deal with anyone right now.. no requests.. no asking me questions.. nothing! I am not sure what got me in this weird mood and it can't be all lack of running this morning. I hate it when I am grouchy.. I need to stop! 

Steve and I or I, did some weight resistance this morning. I used the stability ball, my arm bands and 5 pound weights to do some floor exercises and a plank.. good old body weight. It did the trick.. got me all warmed up and I at least did something for 40 minutes.. I still want to run today.. maybe after Logan goes to school? I am also going to get out and cross country ski even thought I have a feeling it could be really icy. I'm willing to take that risk.. Tomorrow the temps are suppose to drop and if I don't go today.. I'll miss out! 

And nope.. no fresh snow last night like I was hoping.. It's either go back to bed for 30 minutes (power nap) or cheer myself up! 


What do you do to cheer yourself up when in a bad mood? It's always temporary.. I just don't like to be in a bad mood.. so I just don't let myself go very long feeling like that.. I should take up boxing! lol...Get some aggression out! I just need some down time for me.. 

If you can't run or do your normal workout.. what's your back up plan? Today, it's ski.. run later and do a 90 min cardio class. 

What are your plans for today? (see above) add in study, advertise, go to school and nap.. plus I have some errands to run.. the usual stuff, G-store, bank and Target or walmart where ever I'm closest to.. that's where I shop. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Here!!!

My actual / real Certificate arrived today in the mail!!! 
I'm am super proud of the this accomplishment. Its more then getting a Personal Training Certificate. It's a new way of life.. It's my new fit life.. It's all the hard work I've put into me the last 2 years starting with my 50 pound weight loss and keep it off. Working out every day and now.. I am a Personal Trainer with a real certificate and a card! Good as Gold! I can't wait to finish up at DCTC with my 16 credit personal training certificate!!!

I did my first real day as a Y intern. I was only there for a little over 3 hours, but I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge in those short hours. I got to check/try out all the equipment, treadmill, elliptical, weights, bikes, machines etc.. I pretty much got a run down on all that goes on in the fitness room and working as a personal trainer. 

Wednesday, I'll be back again.. working as an intern in the fitness room. I'll get to observe a personal training session and get more familiar with the fitness room and equipment  Monday, I'll hopefully, be able to give equipment orientations, take a group class and have fun!!! 

The absolute best part of my day... I finally got out to cross country ski! The snow conditions were pretty good since we really only have about 2" of snow which is sitting on top of a layer of ice. There were zero oak leaves on the path so that was nice, nothing to slow me down.. I only was out there skiing for 40 minutes so not sure how many miles I skied? I'll be back out tomorrow morning and I hear we could be getting some more snow tonight! Wouldn't that be great! 


What's your favorite winter sport? 

Did you have a great part of your day? What was it? 

A Fun Week Ahead!

It's going to be a great week! I just know it! 
Sunday after all is the official first day of the week. We kicked it off with one of my favorite foods for dinner...
 Spicy Green Beans....
 Grilled chicken...
Our version of pork pot stickers.. with rice, broccoli, mushrooms and beansprouts

A big feast.. We were celebrating the Chinese new year.. I should have made those fortune cookies!

A salt filled meal.. but one of the best and we have leftovers so I will be having this for lunch! I was super tempted to eat it for b-fast but opted for my wheat bread and peanut-butter with bananas.

Seems the gym scale might be 5 pounds off. I don't think anyone bothered to calibrate it lately.. I was kind of wondering why I had gained 10 pounds.. and my jeans still fit. I am 5 pounds less then what I thought I was.. Good thing! Weight does play tricks on your brain! Still have those 5 pounds to lose but it's looking better then having gained 10!

What do I have in store for this week? 

Skiing.. Y volunteering, cardio class, wine tasting, working, tax receipts to enter, studying and a test on skin for Anatomy! 


What fun things do you have going on this week? 

What's your favorite dinner? 

Can you still get into your skinny jeans after the holidays? 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Do you see what I see?

Nope.. its not that cute little squirrel running out of my photo.. 
It's the snow.. all that wonderful white stuff coming down and covering up the brown frozen ground! I'm super excited.. I'll be able to cross country ski again this week. There is just enough snow.. 2 to 3" for me to make my own trail. The parks won't groom the trails unless there is at least 6", but plenty of us crazy skiers will be out there making our own trail thought the woods. 

I will be able to cross train this week.. I'll be doing the cross ramp in the morning running 6 miles for an hour.. then going skiing for 4 miles another hour in the afternoon.. 

I'd go out now.. but I don't think Steve would think I'm serious if I wanted to ski in the dark. I've heard people do it.. they just wear a flash light on their head. Good thing that's what he got from his parents this Christmas.. I'm too chicken to go it alone in the dark.. 


What are you excited about doing this week? Starting my internship at the YMCA, Cardio Class on Tuesday/Thursday and cross country skiing! 

What are you NOT looking forward to? Another test on Thur/Fri in Anatomy. Taxes.. too many receipts to record. I should have kept up on it all year!

Does the dark creep you out? Only when I'm by myself and thinking about ghosts.. or someone following me.. 

4 weeks and it's quiet...

It was super quiet at the gym this morning.. only us regulars and not too many of us either..It's only been 4 weeks since the new year.. a lot of people have already long forgotten about their resolutions to exercise more.. diet and get fit.

Reasons why I love a quiet gym...
Less noise..
No one hogging the equipment
No worries of anyone being on my favorite machine
My favorite locker.. open for me
I can focus on one to talk with

Why I don't like a quiet gym...
Tells me people have already given up on being fit and healthy
No one to talk to..
No new people to watch

It's Sunday.. I have a lot to do and I'm now finally tired.. I should nap!
Its because I ate this for b-fast.. .. love it when Steve makes french toast and maple sausage. What a great combo.. I went back for seconds.. no wonder I never lose weight!


How do you spend your Sundays? Studying for Thursday/Friday chapter test -Anatomy and doing taxes.. with a little laundry so I have clean workout clothes for Monday. 

What did you do to stick to your New Years Resolution to get fit and healthy? Keep going back to the gym.. day after day.. added in cardio classes 2x's a week. Still working on the healthy foods.. 

What do you like or don't like about a quiet gym? See list above!

Does Exercise Really Make You Sleep Better?

All of what I've read up on exercise list better sleep as a benefit of exercise. I have not experienced this myself. Here is it 2am and I've been awake since an hour after going to bed around 9:30pm. I usually am feeling tired around 8pm at night since I have to get up at 4:30am most days. I just could not take another minute of tossing and turning..

I really was hoping that I'd wear myself out with running and more exercise throughout the day. Plus, I have a pretty physical job where I'm moving and working up a sweat. I'm guessing part of the problem on why I can't sleep on a regular basis  is because when I'm not working or working out.. I'm sitting down..studying, reading or spending too much time on the Internet. It's winter after all . hard to get motivated to go outside for any length of time and I find reasons to not go out of the house in the cold. I just spend most of my time sitting.

When I was laying in bed trying to decide if I should really get up.. not really wanting to because I was pretty warm and comfy even if I was not sleeping.. Should I really get out of bed? Will I just feel extra tired tomorrow? Shouldn't I just lay here and take what ever sleep I can get?

As you can tell by the time of this post.. I did get up.. out of bed. I'm sure it has a lot to do with an assignment for my Anatomy class. I thought it was sent via the school e-mail only to discover today when I checked my grades.. It was NEVER sent! It was only 3 points. Not a huge amount.. It still freaks me out knowing even after letting the instructor know of my mishap, I might not get any credit. Every point in this class is going to help.. help me pass.. maybe get another "A". I was overly happy to find out she re-thought the points on the last test and I did make a A.. over 1 question. Now this assignment that I received a Fat Zero has taken away all my test joy... I shouldn't get so worked up.. but I do.. Probably why I could not sleep! Ugh!!!!

Not sure how long I'll stay up.. before trying to sleep again.. Just wishing it was morning.. so I could go run..


What do you do when you can't sleep? I usually just lay there in bed.... toss and turn until morning

What's your bed time hour? Most nights 9pm.. Weekends maybe later and I try not to nap during the day .. but sometimes you just have to give in! 

What things freak you out? Not running (day offs), eating too much junk foods, photos of myself (never take a good pix) and life in general.. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I had so much fun today at the Expo.
I'm the volunteer  I had a super time meeting all the women that stopped by. What a great support system to get fit and healthy!!

My throat is extremely sore right now from over talking at the Expo.. I'm not getting in a run today.. because my stomach hurts.. (lack of food and eating my veggie soup too fast).. I was on my feet for the last 5 hours.. that should count for something.. and my mouth was running!


Where do you volunteer your time? 

Have you opened your own business and what? 

What did you have for lunch today? 

Up Early

I'm up before the crack of dawn... (like most days). The only thing different about this morning is I'm not up to run. I can't run until later on today. I have issues with that and it scares me. I am not a later in the day runner or exerciser unless it's skiing. I can go any time if I ski. It scares me having to wait until after 1pm because I won't want to do it. I need to go every day I can and run.. burn off those calories because I do like to eat and I want to maintain that weight loss.

All this non running this morning is for a good cause. I get at least 5 hours of my practicum done today.. (hands on learning for my 16 credit, Certificate in Personal Training). I am learning how to advertise through an expo.. (Which I need to do!!!) and I get to spend time with a friend. What a great way to start out my day!

I'll have lots of photos to share from the expo later..

Friday, January 25, 2013

My Favorite Meal of the day...

It has to be favorite meal of the day. I'm always super hungry after working out.  I usually can't wait to eat.. Today I took up Steve's Challenge.. and didn't let wheat bread scare me...

I decided on this 15 grain bread.. no high fructose corn syrup.. so that's a good start! 100 calories.. a bit more then my English Muffin bread at 70 calories per slice..

I had my usual toppings.. Apple jelly, and raspberry jelly, plus I decided peanut butter probably would be a good protein option..
I had to try all 3.. half apple/the other side raspberry.. I couldn't really taste the apple jelly.. so I'd say stick with raspberry... Liked the peanut butter,  but this is something I'd get sick of real fast. A good change up for today.. along with my 2 bananas.. I feel full... Which is exactly what I wanted. Steve too has been eating my new bread.. It's not going to last long..

What's your favorite meal of the day? 

Have any  food challenges I could try? 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Schedules, schedules....

Excited to share my first Internship meeting today. I met with the Fitness director. She gave me a tour of the Y. I've lived within 5 minutes of the Y and never have been inside past the front lobby. I stopped in one day when I was contemplating on being a member last summer. I didn't realize all the space they have in the building. Lots of drop in classes and a nice clean fitness room with all new.. less then 1 year old equipment. The only thing in need of  replacing was the dumbells... they have seen better days and they make much nicer ones now..

This is where I'll be spending my Mondays (mornings and afternoon) and Wednesday evenings till the end of April. I start next Monday at noon to 3pm. I'll update on how it all goes..from the outline of the internship the director put together, I'll be working in all areas and gaining experience. Can't wait to start..

Update.. today's Anatomy test! Not sure how I did.. the results were not shown after the test.. I was super disappointing as I wanted to know how I did right away. I feel like I knew the material and was surprised at a few questions.. and there were 40 questions but it look like we might only get scored on 37.. so I'm hoping those extra 3 might be extra credit? Or not count towards your grade if you get more wrong? It can only help right? The test also was not all multiple guess.. it was fill in the blanks.. Got to love that surprise. Hope spelling doesn't count!

Soup Weather

I've discovered some extra yummy soups. Progresso is one of my favorites for light soups. Just 60 calories in 1 cup, but who just eats one serving.. I go for the whole can of goodness... 
and down the whole 120 calories.

Loaded with veggies and barley
I should really start using my good camera and not my phone since the photos are not crystal clear.. I'm a picky soup eater.  I really don't care for beans even thought I know they are good for you, loaded with protein. I can do them in very small/sparse amounts. Thankfully, this soup does not contain beans!

I have to say.. I'll be eating more soup.. more of this one and some other veggie/pasta soups.. We definitely have the cold weather for a nice bowl of piping hot soup. Making better choices every day...

Tomorrow I start with whole wheat bread or more grains.. because I just should not be doing white anymore.. Steve was nice enough to point this out.. He did one of his.. "Your afraid of it".. I knew I had to take up the challenge! I'm hoping not only will I love it.. it will keep me more full for longer then the quick carbs of white bread.


Do you have a favorite cold weather food? What's your favorite soup? 

What healthy diet changes have you made?

Mini Every Day Goals..

Thought I'd share my mini day goals.. Just for today. I write a list of what I want to accomplish every day..

I sometimes have to break what I want to get done down into even micro goals.. just so I feel like I've done something with my day that's productive..

Here's what my life looks like today....

Workout/study for an hour
lift weights/stretch for 30 minutes
Work/Clean 1-1/2 hours
 Internship meeting
Cardio Circuit class 90 minutes (going early to help set up the class)
Bank/G-store.. need bananas..and Canadian bacon!
Study / review for my Anatomy 3 chapter test
Take my 33 minute Anatomy test. (Hopefully get an A.. or at least a B)
Make my Best Ever Banana Bread
Start recording our tax receipt info.. due on Feb 8th
Start Chapter 6 in Anatomy.. note cards/lecture..

That's my day... looking forward to Friday already.. the kids will be home (no school) I work for half the day with a long lunch in between working..  and will work out.

I'm hopeful that we will be getting at least 2" of snow ... Is that enough to cross country ski again? I hope so.. I want to ski this weekend!!

Also this weekend is the Expo.. 9am to noon..

What are your plans to stay fit this weekend? 

What is a mini goal of yours today? 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coming UP!

I have a test in Anatomy that I can either take Thursday or Friday.. So this is what I've been doing...
Note cards and lots of them.. 3 chapters worth. It's the best way to study.. memorize facts and I do it all while walking on the treadmill and running on the cross ramp. I went back to the gym this afternoon all because I wanted to focus on just my note cards.. nothing else. When I'm home, I tend to do every thing but study. I feel like I'm ready, ready to take this test and see how I do. It's sad to say.. hours worth of studying for a 33 minute test. I'm guessing there will be about 10 questions per chapter. Wow.. not a whole lot considering the time I've put into know all in these chapters. I will also have to retain it for the final in 3 months. I'll get to keep going over and over it.. sounds like fun.. NOT!

I'm obviously off my no sugar.. it's just not possible to go days and days without some sugary treat. I'm allowing myself at least one per day. I have to choose wisely.. What did I choose? I made brownies and added in some mini chocolate chips and drizzled it with butterscotch topping.

Here it is... all hot, chocolaty and gooey ... now if I had some vanilla ice cream..


What's your method to memorize facts? 

What sugary treat did you eat today? 

These Girls Like to EAT....

My 2 Guinea Girls.. Bella & Penny love to eat. These girls cry.. or more like squeal when they hear a bag of food rustling.
They know how to eat a healthy "green" diet. Plenty of veggies and water. They look a little freaked out by my camera phone..

I don't start my day off eating greens,  but I have been eating a salad before every dinner. I get so hungry waiting for Steve to make dinner that a salad always sounds so good. I'd probably skip it all together if I didn't have a pre-dinner salad.

I feel extra hungry this morning and am contemplating eating left over Julian cheesy potatoes from last night.... The only reason I'm really considering this is because I know lunch won't be until at least 12:30 today.. Do I need it? Nope.. but I still feel hungry. ugh!!!! I should have protein to fill me up instead. Maybe tomorrow I'll go back to Canadian bacon.


What are you craving for breakfast? 

Do you eat a salad with dinner? 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not Sleepy Yoga!

I like the yoga where you deep breath.. relax and just lay there concentrating on each in-hale and ex-hale..
That was not the Yoga I did today. Nope.. it had to be the PX-90 Yoga or what ever it's called. I don't like it. It's not relaxing.. it hurts and it's very long  90 minutes long.. Oh.. I'm slow.. that's where the 90 comes in. 90 minutes and. the X  must be for eXtra hard .. and the "P".. you could just pee your pants it's that intense!

I'm sure that after today's yoga.. I'm going to experience some or a lot-a pain tomorrow. I can already feel it in my legs. All I can say is thankfully we have some guys on the BB team that keep things interesting. They have zero filter and it makes it even harder when I'm laughing and trying to balance. At least I have a smile on my face..

On Thursday.. I get to try a 90 minute Cardio Circuit class. In fact, every Tuesday and Thursday I'll be doing a new 90 minute class trying something completely different all the time.

This day is done... I'm exhausted.. hour of running 6 miles, lifting weights.. and the 90 min class.. Time for BED.

Which reminds me.. I never did the 15 minute ab workout.. Which we were going to start today! Here's what I was thinking... another blogger posted on FB... and if someone "likes" your post.. you have to do a push up or what ever exercise you choose. Add up the likes and that's the total number you do.. she had 111 likes and did that many push-ups. I said not to worry.. I don't have more then 3 reading my blog.. I'd be lucky to give myself 1 push-up..

So here it goes..on blogger..  If I get any comments and/or answers to my question of the night. I'll do a 30 second plank for every comment..

On your mark.. get set... Go!

Question of the day... What type of exercise would you do.. and how many likes/comments do you think you would get? 

And I'm off to give myself a 30 second plank for the night.. 

When do Spiders become pets?

This has nothing to do with running but I guess I could lose weight over the gross-ness of it

We were at my MIL house last night for dinner and she starts talking about finding a little spider and feeding it. I'm like "What?" We don't feed spiders.. we kill them. No not my MIL.. She is in desperate need of a dog. This is not normal. She was feeling sorry for that spider because he was so tiny. He had little to nothing to eat. She was going around the house in search of bugs for that little guy to eat. We have a feeling that one day we will find out that spider was so well fed it's now the size of a grapefruit. Now that's NOT good! A little background info... they also have had one of those sucker fish, that clean the algae off the fish tank for more then 20 years. It started out the size of a pinkie finger and now is the size of a large arm. The thing is huge... they keep feeding it.. So that's my concern with that spider.. 20 years from now that spider could be HUGE! They take a little too good of care of their pets.

It only gets better... the kids happened to check out Steve's parents calendar hanging on the wall... in one tiny corner a hand written note.. 1 roll of toilet paper. Steve's father is convinced his mother uses too much toilet paper. He has decided that this is something to track. He is actually tracking the number of rolls they go through. Steve was telling his father.. He really needs to find a hobby. Do you think? I  just find it more then funny.

(I need a pix of that fish)..

On a positive note.. he fixed their stationary bike.. time for them to get back working out!
Do you have a weird thing you made into a pet? We had a squirl and raccoons growing up.. We'd find them as abandoned babies and raise them until they were able to live in the wild. Oh almost forgot.. we had tadpoles, frogs, hermit crabs. I think that's about it. 

What things to you chart? TP? Only my workouts.. food and weight. 

Fasting ...and of the lost!

Do you fast very often? I use to be able to do it without really thinking much about it. When I was in elementary school I never use to eat breakfast and often in middle school and into high school would skip lunch too. I was never a big breakfast eater and even into my 20's I'd wait for lunch to eat.

Fasting is hard. It just makes me want to over eat later on. Which is exactly why it's not a good idea to skip meals even when losing weight. Better to have just a tiny bit, so your body doesn't think its in starvation mode and hang on to all that fat.

Today, I fasted and as a result, I skipped my breakfast and went right to lunch. My lunch today was at 10:30am but only because I got up at 4:30am. (6 hours). It was and still is tempting to keep eating even though I already ate my lunch. I opted for leftover cheese ravioli but only 7 and they were the kid size small round ones with a ton of sauce. I allow myself to have as much tomato sauce as I want. Chunky tomatoes and low in sugar 50 calories for 1/4c? Or something like that.. I probably had  3/4 C of sauce.

I lose jewelry too easily. Steve says I lose everything he buys me. I don't try. It's just jewelry is so easy to lose. I came home from our mini vacation to discover I was only wearing 1 earring. My favorite earrings and now I can't wear them anymore. One must have fallen out some where between home and Duluth and there was no use looking.. it was gone. These just weren't any pair of earrings . they were my workout, race and every day earrings. I'm at a loss without them. I'm hoping Target or Kohl's still has some similar?? This is why I don't buy myself expensive jewelry or wear what has been given to me very often. I'm bound to lose one or all of it...

Do you have some favorite jewelry you lost? Did you ever replace it? 

What does it all mean?

I'm getting my cholesterol tested today. Over 2 years ago I had it tested while 50 pounds heavier. Now I have some numbers to compare today. (see chart below of ranges for (Total Cholesterol, HDL, Triglycerides and  LDL))

I'll post my before 2012 and after 2011 when I get 2013 results... I'm sure in a couple of days.

Before in 2010                                                        After 2011

Total Cholesterol = 241 High!!                               163 (excellent)
LDL Cholesterol = 141 Borderline High                  89   (hum?? still at risk for heart dis?)
HDL = 72                                                               58  (better)
Triglycerides = 138                                                  78  (desirable)

Improved results in just 1 years time with diet (lost 50 pounds) and daily exercise. So much better for my health.. Excited to see if there are any more positive changes in my numbers this year.

Do you save your test results year to year and compare? 

Total cholesterol
(U.S. and some other countries)
Total cholesterol*
(Canada and most of Europe)
Below 200 mg/dLBelow 5.2 mmol/LDesirable
200-239 mg/dL5.2-6.2 mmol/L Borderline high
240 mg/dL and aboveAbove 6.2 mmol/LHigh

HDL cholesterol
(U.S. and some other countries)
HDL cholesterol*
(Canada and most of Europe)
Below 40 mg/dL (men)
Below 50 mg/dL (women)
Below 1 mmol/L (men)
Below 1.3 mmol/L (women)
40-49 mg/dL (men)
50-59 mg/dL (women)
1-1.3 mmol/L (men)
1.3-1.5 mmol/L (women)
60 mg/dL and above1.6 mmol/L and aboveBest

(U.S. and some other countries)
(Canada and most of Europe)
Below 150 mg/dLBelow 1.7 mmol/LDesirable
150-199 mg/dL1.7-2.2 mmol/LBorderline high
200-499 mg/dL2.3-5.6 mmol/L High
500 mg/dL and aboveAbove 5.6 mmol/L and aboveVery high
LDL cholesterol
(U.S. and some other countries)
LDL cholesterol*
(Canada and most of Europe)
Below 70 mg/dLBelow 1.8 mmol/LIdeal for people at very high risk of heart disease
Below 100 mg/dLBelow 2.6 mmol/LIdeal for people at risk of heart disease
100-129 mg/dL2.6-3.3 mmol/L Near ideal
130-159 mg/dL3.4-4.1 mmol/LBorderline high
160-189 mg/dL4.1-4.9 mmol/L High
190 mg/dL and aboveAbove 4.9 mmol/LVery high

I'm keeping what?

I was packing swim suits, yes I need multiple swim suits because I just don't like to put on a wet cold bathing  suit the next day.  Just like clothes, you don't wear the same thing every day, so I must bring at least 2 swim suits.. one for each day of our mini vacation at the water-park.

I realized while looking for swim suits that I've kept all my old ones. I have a lot of them as you can see. 2 whole baskets full. All of these swim suits are my fat suits. They are more then 2 years old and for some reason I have decided I can not part with these fat suits. I will never, ever want to wear any of them. Not even the cute butt covers, called swim skirts. My butt may not be small but it's certainly not that big any longer and I refuse to cover it up(but probably still should). Even if I wanted to wear one of these suits (I don't) they would hang off me and be way too large. I never want to "grow" back in them.. So what do I do? It's not like you can donate swim suits.. These clearly have to go and I will free up space in my closet for my skinny girl clothes!
What do you keep in your closet  and why? 

Do you wear multiple swim suits or just one? 

Monday, January 21, 2013

I want Fries

I had to share this funny pix.. Mcd's changed the kids fry packaging to this tiny little one. Oh so cute.. It's probably what a serving should look like.  We went for the super size fries.. because sometimes you have to share and one little serving is just not enough..

Thought I'd compare the calorie differences...

1 small kid fry =  100 calories, 5 g fat

1 super size fry = 500 calories, 25g fat

I do love Mc'd fries but I never order my own.. it's good to share and with at least 3 or more people because you really only need 1 or 2, and your mouth is coated with the greasy after taste.

What's your favorite thing to eat at Mc'ds? 

Do you always get the fries? 

Hotel Treadmill Running around...

It really messes me up getting ready to run when I'm not at home. I had to fumble around in the dark trying not to wake up the kids. I had laid out all my clothes, shoes, ipod, watch, water.. but  not the caffeine. Plus, some how my clothes all got jumbled up and other clothes were thrown on top. I was not exactly quiet and ended up giving up using my phone as a light.

I finally made it to the hotel fitness center, if that's what you want to call it. There were 2 treadmills, 1 bike and an elliptical with a few dumbbells in the corner. I'm not complaining because after yesterday's all you can eat brunch buffet, pizza and cheese curds for dinner.. I needed to run.

I was super glad Steve joined me this morning. I'm not sure I would have ran the whole hour without him there. I was on a treadmill that was pre-programmed to only run 20 minutes. I had to re-start my workout 3x's and once during my run, I looked back to check out the clock and accidentally hit the emergency stop button.. not very pleasant way to stop.

We kind of noticed how all the people walking by the fitness room would have this look on their faces.. kind of like. "What the??" see they were off to eat the "free", complimentary all you could eat b-fast and probably could not understand why on earth would we be running/biking on vacation when we could be partaking in the feast only a few feet away.

Well, lets just say.. our weekend at the waterpark always confirms why I should work out and why I need to keep going. There are very few.. I'm talking I could count on one hand.. how many thin adults there were, now if I were to go a step farther and say tone and obviously worked out.. I'd be down to us and one other at the park. That's probably out of some 300 adult swimmers I noticed. Not good odds for those out of shape adults. I, don't ever want to join them again ... it's just not pretty. Funny how those same people looked a lot better with more clothes on..
(see the people in the back.. behind Celina..)

So here's the Ab pix I promised. Steve's being a good sport and showing off.. We both are starting tomorrow on the 2x's a day ab workout.. It's time and we are both ready after seeing all the rather large tummy's. (be kind on all the hair...)lol...

I also told him.. no sucking it in.. this has to be REAL..


Want to join us on the Ab challenge.. Tone up for summer.. (before/after ) pix? 

Do you like running/working out while on vacation? 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

i got IT!

I did it.. I got it.. just received an exciting e-mail from the YMCA. I got the internship! Next week, I'll be figuring out my schedule to start working at the Y! Good things are happening and a lot is on my plate.

Steve said to me this morning. It's nice to see you figuring out what else you want to do in life. While I don't have it all figured out.. I'm enjoying the new opportunities and direction I'm going in. How my life has changed in the past 2 years. It's only getting better.

I'm one happy girl today.. (note to self.. put on some make-up.) I do hate the photos of me...


What are you excited about this weekend? 

It's still Dark out there!

It's always dark and cold outside when I leave to the gym to run. Week days it's 5am and weekends 6:55am.  I don't let anything stop me from running.. well maybe a blizzard or ice covered roads.. I have zero excuse to not get out of bed.. which takes all of 30 seconds when I see the time is 4:30 or 6:30am depending on the day. I know what my day allows and in order to get in my run, I must get up and not lay there thinking about getting up. This is why I get up to run every day. (see below)

So I can eat this! 
We stayed home Friday night. We've actually been doing a lot of that lately. We can cook way better food then restaurants with just a little planning. That's the key.. a plan! I made some pizza dough, we pre-cooked the crust (if you don't.. it's soggy). Added some bean-less chili,  more peppers and 2 types of cheese. After it came out of the oven, we sprinkled on some green onions and cilantro. Wow.. the best ever pizza. We both could not stop eating this. I almost finished my half. A little hungry or just that good!

What time do you get up to workout/run? 

Do you have a favorite pizza? Make your own or bought? 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fitness Experience...

Now that I am a certified personal trainer. I need hands on experience. I did my first Cardio class yesterday, I got to participate, observe and help correct the students posture in need of some assistance. I mostly just did the cardio and took note of those who needed assistance. I am taking good notes on how to run a cardio  group fitness class. I'm pretty sure this is something I can do and eventually will want to try.

There is one more part of my fitness experience I need. It's the hands on or observing of a personal trainer. I've been doing a little research and came up with stopping at the and seeing if I could do an internship. I spoke to the fitness director and will hopefully hear back. Sounds like I might be able to get in some experience helping with assessments and observing while the other trainers work with clients.

 I need to get other experience before heading out on my own.. I do know that is looking for Personal Trainers. I don't have a year of experience so not even wanting to work there. Plus, I love working out there. I don't want it to be anything but enjoyable.

Way Past 500 Miles..

I've put on way more miles then 500 on these running shoes. I've read and heard from other runners how it's important to get new running shoes every 500 miles. Well, if my average miles for the week are in the 40's.. my monthly totals are 160 miles in a month, which means I'd be buying new running shoes every 3 months. Anyone who runs knows running shoes and I mean good ones come at a price around $100+. I know feet are super important while running and mine still feel good after having ran.. over 700 miles with my favorite Pearl Izumi's.. They say to "run like an animal". I never knew I had such big feet until trying on running shoes. They have to be roomy for your toes... or you end up with black ones.. I made that mistake too. Always buy running shoes larger! I normally wear a 8 or 8.5... or at least I thought!

(This is my shoe!) LIGHT STABILITY. Raising the bar again, the Women's syncroFloat® IV runs and feels better than ever. With a touch of support for the mild pronator, this is a smooth, well cushioned and responsive shoe for the efficient runner.
They kind of look like bowling shoes but I got past that because they feel amazing on my feet.

The other 2 pairs of shoes.. (purple & hot pink Adidas) were learner shoes.. I still love my pink shoes and only use them for indoor on the cross ramp. The purple pair is more of a trail shoe since the soles have all those ridges.. they could have been a size bigger but I was still learning when they were purchased.

What should be my next shoe purchase? I've heard many good things about Brooks running shoes? Might have to try some on and figure out if I can run in them and my feet like them... 
Cookie A                                     Cookie B
Speaking of NOT liking.. Steve's mom made some chocolate chip cookies yesterday and so did I.. A little background.. I make cookies almost every day! Steve's mother is an excellent cook/baker.

Can you tell which cookies I made? Take a guess and let me know! 

Here's the answer.. Mine are Cookie "A"... Yes, I still don't have that chocolate chip cookie figured out. I might never!  I don't like it that I can't make a good cookie, after all these are my absolutely favorite.. or maybe it's just the cookie dough I love! I managed to eat 6 of my mother-in laws cookie at one sitting. Yum!