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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good Bye 2013

In all 2013 was a good year. All years have some rough spots..lows and highs. I can mostly say there were tons more highs then lows.. 

I would have to say one of my biggest regrets of 2013 was to not do the triathlon. I let my fear of the lake = gross water creep me out to talk myself out of doing this race. While I had good reasons to Not do it this year.. (used the money to buy equipment, bike/GPS watch and real running shoes). I have zero excuses next summer. 

I'm still working out and only missed 27 days total for the year. That is still and always will be a huge accomplishment. It takes a lot of effort day in and day out to stay focused on staying fit and keeping off the weight I lost. 

I did gain some weight over the year but I am determined in 2014 to lose the 10 to 15 pounds again and keep it off. I'll be concentrating more on just eating veggies and eliminating junk foods (not entirely but I don't need 3+ treats a day). 

I'm not sure where 2014 will take me and my family.. but more good things in life are sure to come. 

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