The good stuff.. Food!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Only 10 more to go! Try this...

I have taken a test every Thursday now since the 2nd week in January.  I have 10 more to go.. then I'm done.. Done with my certificate for Personal Training at DCTC.. while I already am certified this just gives me more credentials. 

I also have 39 hours to go on my practical experience. A little over half way done! There is a light at the end of this tunnel! 

Good news! I have another Personal Training Potential Client.. now to call her back! 

Last night I got 2 free samples of this stuff your suppose to eat while racing.. Vi Fuel.. Even thought it says Chocolate.. the other Peach Cobbler.. it just is not appealing. I'm afraid of this stuff. Every marathon/ half marathon runner swears by this stuff getting them through without hitting the wall. I know from my first 1/2 that I should have drank water and probably tried one of these or stashed away some candies. 

I've read that I need to actually use this fuel and try it out before a a long run race.. I have to get over my fear.. Will I? Okay.. here it goes.. I'm going to open the chocolate and lets see what it looks like.. (I am still learning.. and I obviously have to learn the hard-way or why else would I have ran 4 miles in slip on tennis shoes with no backs!)

  There is it.. a thin. syrup like consistency and fake.. Hershey like ice cream topping taste.. but watered down. Not awful, but I could leave it too!

It was a gooey mess.. I'd hate to see what would happen if this packet exploded while running. It would look like you got the runs.. not a good look! I got it on my hands, the counter top  my shirt and phone.. Messy!
The ingredient list. I see caffeine .... at the very bottom, meaning it's the least amount since it's added on the label last.. 
100 calories.. not going to waste eating this whole package... 

No directions for use.. 
Any runners out there have any advice on when to eat this stuff during a race?
How many do you eat? 
What brand? 
What other things do you eat besides this stuff? 
Where do you stash it while running? 

I met an Olympic Runner and I didn't know it!

Last night I went to a Runners Movie Premiere.. "There is no finish Line"
Joan Benoit was the first Marathon Runner to win the Olympic Metal.. to this day.. she is still running... a very inspiring movie..

I had to laugh at myself later.. I met this woman who Interviewed me about running. I thought she was a new type of reporter.. I had no idea she was a former Olympic Runner until the movie was about to begin and they introduced Carrie Tollefson. I actually asked her if she was a runner! I asked an Olympic runner if she ran!.. OMG!!  at intermission I had to go ask her for a photo and to tell her that I was laughing at myself for not knowing.. She was very humble and kind .. I enjoyed our conversation both before the movie and after.. 

Here some info about Carrie.. and you might see me being interviewed on her website at

Carrie Tollefson

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carrie Tollefson at the 2011New York City Marathon
Carrie Tollefson (born January 18, 1977 in DawsonMinnesota) is an American middle distance runner who was on the US 2004 Summer Olympic team.
Tollefson ran collegiately at Villanova University where she won the 1997 NCAA Cross Country Championships and the 1999 NCAA Outdoor and Indoor 3000 meters and Outdoor 5000 meters. She graduated from Villanova with a communications degree in 1999. At the US Olympic Trials in 2004, she won the 1500 meters. She competed in the 2004 Olympic Summer Games, making it to the semis in the 1500 meters. In 2004, she was ranked #1 nationally by Track and Field News.
In 2006, she won the 4K race at the USA Cross Country Championships, took the 3000 meters US Indoor National Championships and was ranked #5 nationally at the end of the season. She now holds a distance camp at St.Kates, for teens.


What famous people have you met? And where/how? Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Murray, Reese Witherspoon, (in a movie with all 3) Joan Rivers (fashion show)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

% Body Fat.. Body flow...

More fun.. doing % body fat with this... The Omron.. Fat Analyzer

I decided this is a must have this % fat device for my personal training business. It's easy to use, quick and accurate. I placed my order and should have it by March 4th.. If you don't know what your body fat % is.. time to get that number..Who doesn't want to know? It's just one number.. like weight.. waist/hip circumference, Strength, cardio.. all used to determine your overall fitness and see improvements once you make some life changing decisions.. 

I tried Body Flow today.. Have you ever heard of this? It's a combo of Yoga and Pilate's. It was not your sleepy yoga... It was good to work on my balance and flexibility. I felt great after.. and was warmed up to go cross country skiing..

I spent 1-1/2 hours handing out flyers yesterday.. for my P-T business along with our other 2.. No calls, I'm hoping more business will come our way.. at least I'm putting forth more effort.. 

Napper or non-napper? 

What types of classes do you take? 

Smells that Kill! and other new stuff

I pulled out of my gym bag what I thought was a clean towel.. 
lets just say.. it was not a fresh odor.. more like, sat wet in the dryer for days kind of odor that could kill a person on the spot.. it reeked with a sour, old, burn the eyes smell.. I tried to fool myself into thinking it wasn't so bad. I realized after 4x's wiping fresh sweat off my face with this smelly towel, it was better to let the sweat drip then to bring it up to my nose again.
When I'm not on my favorite cross ramp or cross country skiing or going from place to place.. you will find me here.. on this old comfy dark green chair.. now moved to our once dining room. I am having a hard time parting with my old furniture.. This has become my new office.. across the entry from our real office
The office is where we've been keeping "the girls" Penny, Bella and Paige.. our guinea pigs and rabbit.. and Steve.. he likes to sit in there. 
I could not resist buying these 4 workout books .. they were on clearance! What's fitness with out cookies.. 

I've made Macarons 2x's the first time they turned out perfect.. then I decided to try a short cut recipe . not the same results at all. I will try them again now that I have an official Macarons cook book! 

What's your favorite cookie? 

Where do you spend your downtime? 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Best Ever!

This is my go to for diet food.. the best lunch, meal.. that I love.. Hot, spicy goodness
!Fresh salsa.. and rice.. the hotter the better because we all know it helps burn calories!

A rice cooker is a must have. My daughter gave me this one, it makes 4 cups of rice.. made perfect without even trying.. plus it's all kept warm until your ready to eat it.. 

I knocked more off my Tuesday todo list.. 
X-skiing was perfect except for the weird 4 worker guys in the woods with hand saws.. apparently today was the day they would clear some trees by hand. I didn't like zipping down the hill with them all standing on the path, saws in hand! 

Lecture.. almost put me to sleep but done.. 

On to my salsa/rice lunch.. then off to shop and advertise!

What's your favorite low cal.. burn a lot of calories type meal? 

What did you check off your todo list? 

Everyone Thought I'd Quit!

I had this feeling.. that everyone expected me to have quit exercising by now.. to go back to the old heavy Lorraine.. It hasn't happened and it won't...

While I may gain 5 pounds... lose a few.. but never reach that dream goal weight of 129... I'm still working out every day.. Building muscle and keeping the fat away.

I'm not sure why this week, I decided to be so hard on my body. I've been doing hard workouts the last 3 days. I should only be doing 1 hard workout and following that one with easy ones.. I just want to push myself.. feel the new-ness of being sore.. I feel a little achy but not a whole lot..

Today.. I have big plans.. lots on my plate to do..
workout/study - done
Cross country ski-
Advertise with a friend
Listen to an Anatomy Lecture
(purchase movie ticket  and cont ed class sign Steve up)
Yoga class or something at the YMCA
TAXES.. must get more done!
Michaels- letters for my PT shirt.

In all.. it's not a bad day. I do want to make sure I do it all!!


What did you quit and regretted it? 

What's on your todo list? 

How much weight have you gained or lost this winter? 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Have You Tried This?

Pilates Reformer.. works your core.. by using arm straps and springs that slide the platform back and forth with tension. 
I can say.. I'm not a fan of this.. I like my other core/ab exercises that will do just as much for my core.. 

I do like that I was able to try something new today and that's always fun. I had some hands on body fat testing and many willing participants. I was amazed at how women easily gave out their weight and age. It felt weird asking for such private information that you usually just don't hear. 

I'm a little cranky and exhausted and it's only 4pm.. today, I woke up this morning at 3:00am, left to work at 1 hr, worked out, cleaned 1-1/2hrs.., Internship 2 hours, lunch 1 hr, worked 1-1/2 hrs, bank, cross country ski 1 hr.. now on the couch..  I'm so done moving.. you'll find me here on in my comfy chair! 

Do you know your % body fat? 

What are some good core exercises you like to do? 

Bite my tongue... The 5%

Be in the 5%.. not the 95%! 

It's a real statistic.. a fact that 95% of people will gain back all the weight they lost and then some. 

The only way people kept the weight loss off, is to exercise and make healthy food choices. 

It takes  a lot of effort to lose weight, any weight. You'll undo all your hard work if you chose not to exercise. 

Celina's birthday dinner... Crab legs.., roasted pork, red potatoes, mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes and steamed broccoli. The best meal I've had in at least a week.. 

We also enjoyed these crispy fried onion rings on Saturday night.. I go to great lengths to find the ultimate onion ring place. This has to be one of the best (other then my own.. beer battered and fried in peanut oil).. At Buck-hill's restaurant.. Who would have thought? I bit my tongue they were so good! Not sure how I managed that one? 

We workout... so it's okay to eat the bad stuff once in a while and we always share! 

What's your favorite fried food? 

Have you lost weight and gained it all back? 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Push a Little Bit Harder!

It's time to push a little harder on my workouts.. I have been in that middle ground for quite awhile now where I hardly feel any type of workout pain/soreness. I've been coasting by and not pushing myself.. just playing it safe.. making my workouts easy.. 

Today.. I wanted a good workout on the Cross ramp..I was feeling a little depressed at the though of having to run again outside on the pavement.. remembering how hard it felt after running indoors all winter long. I'll have to start slow again and build up my miles.. 

Since I don't enjoy running on the treadmill and it does not allow me to study.. my choice is the cross ramp.. It's like running up hills the entire time.. I wanted to really feel it today.. work my lungs, heart and legs.. so while I tried to study.. (keeping the mind busy) I pushed myself.. the resistance was 11, and the incline was around 17.. 20 is the highest this machine goes.. I'm guessing the resistance also goes up to 20.. ? It would feel like mixing cement and I'd be in slow motion if the resistance was up any higher. 

I think I forgot to post this picture from the Expo yesterday.. Steve wanted to show the cool looking ceiling structure.. the builder in him.... 

It's also time to push myself more on starting up my running group.. Women on the Run! I need a website and a place were people can register. I just need to make sure I have an "Approved" name from the state of Mn.. I unfortunately . didn't write my name and address on the form for the 3rd time.. and it had to be added before the official name of my business could be processed! Ugh!!! 

How do you push yourself harder? 

Favorite breakfast food? 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Women's EXpo... Minneapolis..

We had a lot of fun at the Women's Expo.. Steve knows I hate to navigate the roads, parking and walking in the skyways to the convention center.. He was nice enough to go to an All women's Expo... 
The down town skyway...

What are some crazy named exercises you've tried and what are they? 

Love or hate group exercises? 

Cup.. a.. Cake..

Strawberry cake, Vanilla butter cream frosting... what you don't see are the cupcakes made with a thin layer of chocolate gnash, then topped with butter cream frosting and a chocolate covered strawberry... I promise to post a pix later... once the strawberries are on top! I made these last night.. when I was extremely tired.. sometimes things just don't turn out when your over tired, not the case with these!!

I had to taste test these cupcakes just to make sure they were really good... mine was with the chocolate.. what a good combo! 

They are for Celina's birthday.. She turns 13.. a teenager! 

I'll have more photos to share later.. off to the women's expo in Minneapolis... 

What's your favorite flavor of cupcakes? 

What are your plans for the weekend? 

Any advice for a mom with a soon to be teenager? 

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Little Loony...

I was a little loony this morning after not getting in a workout.. that's how much I depend on running for my sanity every day.. I get a little crazy knowing I won't be burning those calories.. Because after all . I love to EAT! 

I decided to have this for lunch.. 
An entire package of Edamome or how ever you spell it?Plus, 2 bananas.. I feel extra, extra hungry today and I have no idea of why? Unless it's true.. exercise does suppress your appetite? Nah.. that can't be true.. because some days.. I could like a horse... all day long. 

I did get in some house cleaning exercise.. 2 hours and will have another hour to clean.. plus, I'm heading out to cross country ski in fresh.. FRESH.. Fresh.. snow.. I can hardly wait.. 

I found a $15 gift certificate from  plus free shipping.. so I bought this.. 

It also comes with an engraved name plate.. in case of an emergency.  I am not sure why I didn't order this sooner. It's always a good idea to have some sort of ID on you. and when I go out to run.. I don't have anything on me... but now I will have this bracelet... they also make some for you ankle or shoe what ever you prefer.. I decided on pink..because everything else is black! 


What do you do to calm yourself when your feeling like a crazy loony person?

Do you have a Road Id or do you bring any form of ID when you go out to run?

What color bracelet would you get? 

Bleeping Mad!

What makes you Bleeping Mad?

Here's my list......

#1 and only #1... Going to the gym... and seeing the lights OUT!!! No one bothered to show up to let us in!

How oh HOW can I workout in the winter without going to the gym?

I got up early.. drove in 2" of snow with more coming down.. roads snow covered.. slow.. really slow drive all the way to the gym.. to find out... No one showed up to unlock the doors and this was 1.5 hours after the opening time of 5am!

I not only miss my hour long workout.. burning 700 calories.. I miss out on lifting weights, toning my core and studying for 1 hour. Most of all.. it's my time.. my hour and 30 minutes for me.. to stay fit!

I have a few options.. Suck it up.... (which I am trying to do)
                                   Switch gyms.. hey.. Anytime is right around the corner and open 24/7.. you let            
                                      yourself in..
                                    Call.. complain.. get mad.. stomp my feet.. make my blood boil.. (okay not going
                                   to do that.. I'm venting here instead.. taking it out on my fingers as I type). I did call only to find out.. the mail box was full and no one was answering the phone.

I could workout at home.. toning exercises.. later...
I'm also going to just cross country ski more today.. I decided yesterday since it was too cold.. I'd skip it. I had a great boxing workout instead for 90 minutes.

Okay... done with my rant.. off to call and see if they are open! lol......

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How Much Is Enough?

I ask myself that every day "How much exercise is Enough?"  Seems when ever I have any spare time.. not much these days.. I try to fill in the void with exercise. 

I know for people who don't exercise the government recommends at least 30 minutes 3x's a week or is that 30 min daily???.. I really need to look that up again. I can't imagine only getting in 30 minutes for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes a week! I do more then that in one day!

It's not that I think I don't get enough exercise in 1 day.. on the average I've been going 2+ per day.. probably more like 3. Maybe I don't work hard enough when I do workout? I don't always feel sore the next day. I mix up my exercises with cross training. So, I think I'm doing the right workout. 

I listened to an ACE Webanar (Internet web cast) yesterday afternoon on speed training. I got bored with it fast and started surfing the Internet, so unfortunately I have nothing to share, other then what I already know.. to get faster you have to do intervals. 30 seconds of fast... followed by rest and repeat..or how ever long you determine will be your speed interval. I'm just not crazy about doing any type of interval training. I like a steady mid-fast and some what hard pace... I dislike going super slow.. to rest so it has to be mostly some where in between. 

Exercise.. running is not all I think about during the day.. 

I actually checked some things off my todo list.. this is one of them.. 

I finally figured out where my "Women on the Run" will meet.. Walnut Hill Park.. doesn't that sound like a nice place? 

It has a covered picnic area (in case of rain)... a park/play ground... plenty of open space and a nice wooded paved trail that runs by a pond.. plus its fairly flat with a few tiny rolling hills.. if you call those hills. I checked with the city and we are good to go.. 

I have another problem.. as you can see.. my girl.. needs a little refinement.. I know a graphic designer so I need to contact her and see if she wants to swap services. I need to start working on my booth for the health fair.. a banner, flyers.. etc.. 


How much exercise is enough? 

Exercise of choice? 

Ever swapped services for something? 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Did I Eat Today.. Food Pix Journal

I start my day with 3 almonds.. 4:30am (I do this every day)
Water and more water..only water through the day
Whole grain bread.. 2 slices morning with Peanut-butter and 2 slices for lunch.. 8am

Soup with 2 bananas.. I also had 2 banana's for b-fast at 1pm
1 almond covered mini pretzel because they are so good at 9am
A handful of Skittles.. just tired, needed a sugar pick me up!... at 3:30pm
A tiny spoonful of vanilla ice-cream because I was scooping Logan some for a snack at 4pm
The best for last.. Dinner at 6:30pm, A pork chop w/a side of mushroom/sauce, mac & cheese and a green salad with lite ranch... I didn't take a photo of my after dinner treats.... 1 small banana.. and a mini Kit Kat and 1 mini Butterfinger. I needed some chocolate while watching Survivor. 
how many calories did I consume:
B-fast - 550
Lunch 650
Dinner 900
Snack - 200
Grand Whopping total = 2300 calories

Cross Ramp 60 minutes = 700 calories
Resistance training = 150
House cleaning = 250
Cross Country skiing = 550
Stability ball core exercises = 100
Total Burned = 1750
(I'm guessing I under estimated calories.. )

How do you keep track of what you eat? # of Calories? 

What's your total calories you burned from exercise today? 

Hump Day

It's Wednesday already.. time really does seem to speed up. 

I had a really good 6 miles today on the Cross Ramp... I say good because time went by fast. I was studying Nerves.. and they are a "pain" to learn! I'll be happy once Thursday's on-line test is DONE! I only have one more day to study.. and I get new material starting Friday morning. It's sometimes exhausting learning something new all the time, but it keeps my mind busy since I have to do all my running indoors. 

I ordered my Agility Ladder yesterday and am patiently waiting for it's arrival. I'm hoping it comes quicker then the projected date of Feb 28th. I'm super excited to try out a new cardio workout with my PT client. 

I also picked up 10 pound dumb bells last night. I had 3lb, 5lb and 25lb.. I'm thinking 8 would be good also.. 


What did you last order that will come in the mail? 

Any advice on Starting up a new business? 

How many pounds do you lift (dumbbells) working-out? 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Free Workout Day...

                                Have you ever seen this? 
 Okay.. so maybe I'm the only one who has never seen this ladder workout before. If your a soccer player... football, etc.. your bound to use one of these ladder things to get quick on your feet. 

There are so many combo's of foot work I can have my clients do to add in cardio.. Plus.. look at how easy it will be to pack up and bring along with me! Ta da.. Am I getting smarter or what? Now to find one of these pups at the store and try it out! I'm super excited.. just because I'm sure my clients are just as sick of the stepper as I am by now.. on to something new!


Is there any easy to move, use at home equipment you love? 

What were you excited to discover today? 

Gain or lose weight over the 3 day weekend? Gained.. 1 pound ;0( 

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Slept In.. Me!

It had to be the hotel.. I was away from home.. not in my own bed and I slept! Or was it from all the down hill skiing.. from 10 am to 4pm.. Not exactly 6 hours of skiing probably more like 3. 

I slept from 9:30pm until 7:30am.. Which was really sleeping in since my normal wake up is at 4:30am. I even napped  two hours out of the 2.5 hour drive home. Crazy, crazy amount of sleep for me. 

Here it is 8:30pm and I'm tired again... I won't be sleeping in tomorrow.. so it's off to bed.. to get in at least 7.5 hours..

I'm looking forward to Tuesday Because? 

1. I  have another P-T session with my client tomorrow and I'm introducing her to Boxing! She's going to love it or hate it depending on how sore she is going to feel tomorrow! Ha~

2. I am helping with a Cardio class boxing workout at noon, 90 minutes!!! I love my boxing workouts.. it's soo good for arm flab.. 

3. I get to cross country ski.... we still have snow.. If it's above freezing.. I'll be doing 4 miles at some point during the day light hours!

4. I have to study.. (not really looking forward to this.. but I need to learn all about the nerves for my Thursday test) I'll just be combining this with my 6 miles-60 minutes on the cross ramp.

5. I also am working/Volunteering at the Y . Get to help/observe a PT session and take a class in the morning.. 

6. I'll be going from workout to workout tomorrow.. Just hope I'm not exhausted! 

7. After eating at the Buffet Sunday and Monday.. I can't wait to get back to eating PB on Whole grain bread and having veggies.. fruit.. you know.. the healthy stuff I avoided and NOT over eating! 

8. Sleeping in my own bed.. those pillows at the hotel were a little hard and tall.. I like my feather pillow and it had to be somewhat flat..but puffy at the same time. 

9. My computer.. the smart phone does the job while away but it's nice to be back to my laptop for the complete computer experience. 

10. No more time off from my normal workout.. back to what I know will burn the calories I consume! 

What are you looking forward to on Tuesday? 

Do any thing fun for President's Day? 

Bundle Up!

We had to really bundle up to go down hill skiing. It was a cold winter day.. 

I couldn't wait to get out on the slopes. It's been over a year since we last skied. We usually only go 1 time a year. I'm feeling extra chubby with all the layers upon layers of clothes.. At least I'm warm! 

Duluth.. on Spirit Mountain.. a beautiful overlook from inside the hill top restaurant.. Trying to stay warm with some hot coco.. 

We had these french mini cakes after dinner tonight for dessert. It was from Patrick's in Edina. The best mini desserts ever! YUM! My favorite was that chocolate mouse cake with the white chocolate drizzled across it.. but the cheesecake with raspberries was really good too.. I need to figure out how they make these so perfect!


Do you down hill ski? Cross country ski? Both, I'd down hill ski more if it wasn't so darn expensive for lift tickets! 

What winter sports do you love? Skiing, skating, tubing..

What do you mix in with your hot coco? Coffee.. I don't like it alone, but with coffee it's great! I love whip cream.. Load it up! 

Is there a dessert you make that looks perfectly professional? Nope.. but I try!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eating back on track

I have a daily conversation with myself. I really want to lose 10 pounds to get to my goal weight. I keep thinking if I increase my exercise the weight will just come off no matter how much I eat. 

That's just not happening! I need to really watch what I eat. Go back to the true and tried method.. For me, which is stick to a very low cal b-fast.. cut out all bread.. even wheat.. eat only veggies and stay under 1200 calories per day. 

I should be able to lose 10 pounds in a month if I stick to this plan. 

I have a goal to see my ab muscles and the only way to do that.. is to lose some body fat with out losing muscle. 

(My heart rate the other day.. 141... I was working hard on the cross ramp. It takes a lot for it to get up to 140 since my resting is around 43 on the avg)

This weekend.. I'll be indulging in an all you can eat buffet at least 2x's.. I know it won't be possible to start eating with my weight loss plan in mind.. so I'm realistic.. waiting for Wednesday this week to get back on track! 

I also have to try not to freak out too much today.. I have to take a day off, no running.. but I will be skiing.. Runners.. know, it's just not the same  ;0( 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday.. and I can Not sleep in!

That's my oven clock.. 4:56 a.m. Way too early to be up on a Saturday morning. Steve was just saying last night before we went to bed around 11pm.. "I can sleep in tomorrow". He was really happy about just being able to sleep, and sleep as long as he needed.

  • What am I doing up so early? 
  • Why don't I just go back to bed and lay there for another few hours? 

I have no good reason to be up so early.. other then I wanted to make note cards for myself, so I can study and run today. 

4 things I'm going to do today!
1. Run, lift weights
2. clean my house... we are having friends over
3. Help make food or dessert for tonight and that might involve g-shopping too. 
4. Cross country ski!

Do you ever check your resting Heart Rate? Mine says 39 right now.. I'll take a photo just to prove it.. pretty low.. The highest I've ever noticed it being was around 155 during my 1/2 marathon race and I don't remember what it got up to when I did a VO2 test... I need to re-visit those results. 


What time did you get up today? 

What 4 things are you going to do with your Saturday? 

What's your resting heart rate & Max? 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Step it uP!

I have all this new equipment.. and now its time to try out all these exercises.. It's time to Step it UP! 
I did all the exercises for 1 minute each that came with this stepper. It was a really good full body workout. Out of the 20 or so exercises.. I skipped only a few.. I'm not going to do any decline push ups.. or any kind of crazy, you could get hurt and fall moves. I will definitely start incorporating more of these exercises into my clients workout.

 I also got out the stability ball.. I love that ball, it's so much fun. That came with some exercises too so I did all and added my own. 

I opted to skip my cross country skiing today. I really wanted to go out but my body was telling me I needed a nap way more then exercise.