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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good Bye 2013

In all 2013 was a good year. All years have some rough spots..lows and highs. I can mostly say there were tons more highs then lows.. 

I would have to say one of my biggest regrets of 2013 was to not do the triathlon. I let my fear of the lake = gross water creep me out to talk myself out of doing this race. While I had good reasons to Not do it this year.. (used the money to buy equipment, bike/GPS watch and real running shoes). I have zero excuses next summer. 

I'm still working out and only missed 27 days total for the year. That is still and always will be a huge accomplishment. It takes a lot of effort day in and day out to stay focused on staying fit and keeping off the weight I lost. 

I did gain some weight over the year but I am determined in 2014 to lose the 10 to 15 pounds again and keep it off. I'll be concentrating more on just eating veggies and eliminating junk foods (not entirely but I don't need 3+ treats a day). 

I'm not sure where 2014 will take me and my family.. but more good things in life are sure to come. 

Very Determined!

Look who I got to spend my morning and afternoon with... 
I can definitely say spending time holding Evan makes me happy. 

He spent most of the day sleeping in my arms.. after his first visit to the doctor
Logan and I made these delicious pretzels. The box instructions said let the dough raise for 25 minutes.. 4 hours later it was good to Go.. They were not Aunt Annie's pretzels, but not too bad either. Now I know the trick to making them (boiling water & baking soda, cook for 30 seconds and then bake in oven) we will  try the copy version of Aunt Annie's pretzels. 
I was determined to still go workout yesterday even if it was 3:30pm in the afternoon. I didn't even have any caffeine for energy. I did make the mistake of eating a bunch of very salty peanuts right before running. Probably not the best idea since I was so thirsty. As hard as the workout was, I did it.. I spent 30 minutes on the cross ramp then 30 minutes on the treadmill. I even did 20 minutes of various weights, abs, arms, legs, etc.. This to me.. makes me feel very determined! I did it.. and felt great! I certainly didn't feel that way during.. some times you have to push though the feeling of quitting.. It's all worth the effort! 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Some testing is just worth it!

What exactly am I testing?

 I'm testing my ability to still go to the gym later on this morning and run. The only way I get myself to workout each day is pretty simple, 1. Make sure I get up early enough to get in 1 hour minimum of running time 2.Wake up enough to stretch 3. Always put on workout clothes the second I get up. This way I'm ready to go.. because where else can I go, un-showered with messy hair thrown into a pony tail? 

Not doing this in order really tests my workout ability. Today, I knew if I wanted to get in a workout I'd have to get up early. I slept in and decided I would workout later on.. A huge change and decision! I even showered, and put on normal clothes.. Well, still leggings, but not workout ones. I'm all about comfort and leggings are just super comfy. 

It's totally worth testing myself today because I get to go with Kendra and little Evan to his first doctor appointment. His father is working so I'm helping out. As we all know, babies come with lots of stuff, diaper bag, baby and baby car-seat. A lot to handle for a new parent and since she just had a c-section a heavy load. It's a good thing I lift weights.. now I know why working out comes in handy. Any chance to see my daughter and my grandson I'll be there! Count me in! 
Evan was finally awake yesterday.. He makes me giggle at all the cute little expressions this guy has. 
He has to be the easiest little baby ever.. All he wants to do is sleep. He has such a hard time wanting to open his eyes. Its hard being a baby. We really try hard to wake him up but most the time he is fast asleep.. So sweet..because he is the best for snuggling up to. 
Evan with Pepe (Grandpa Steve). 
I was pretty happy when Kendra asked me if I wanted to watch Evan at least 1 day a week when she goes back to work. It will be nice to spend more time with this little guy. Of course I have to be patient.. she won't go back to work till February,.. But I'm sure I can still find lots of reasons to get in my snuggle time with Evan. 
It's one of those extremely cold.. below Zero days. Definitely stay inside to workout kind of day. No way am I going skiing even if I really want to because when it's crazy cold.. I'll gladly go to the gym even if it is noon before I get there. Lets just hope that I still go run since I'm doing things out of order today.. I tend to get lazy as the day goes on and the last thing I want to do is workout. This is going to be a true test to my un-laziness..on a cold day like today.. the other options of spending the day on the couch under blanket is tempting but that won't keep me fit or burning calories.. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

I didn't notice.

Have you ever had one of those days where your like... how did I do that and not notice? 
I tried something new on my morning gym workout. I ran 30 easy minutes talking to gym friends on the cross ramp. I then ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I switched between 6.0mph and 7.0mph for 20 minutes and the last 10, I ran at 6.0mph. I usually kept my speed the same, and run random hills. This time I didn't run hills but varied the speed. Its probably good I mix things up even if I don't always want to.. and the only reason I wouldn't want to is because it makes things a lot harder. 

Yes, 7.0mph is fast for me.. and 10 minutes total running that pace was good enough. I'll have to build up over the winter months. It's probably not a bad idea to work on speed if I want to get faster for races there is no other choice. 

I received one of my favorite gifts from my daughter for Christmas... A gift card from the Running Room. I'm trying hard to save this for new running shoes. I'm always tempted to go see what other fun running clothes they have. I do want to check out the equipment for running outside this winter. 
While I was cross country skiing yesterday I came across a few runners on the trails. I would really like to try running in the park but I'd need these Yaktrax to prevent falls..  Speaking of falling.. I fell 2x's yesterday while skiing. I hate falling especially when I do dumb things and it happens as a result of me just looking at my Garmin. I really need to be more careful or at least not be going fast down a hill when I decided to look at my watch. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

This is hard..

Cross training is good, but hard. It definitely uses different muscles and I sure do feel it, but not where I expected. My quadriceps are sore from extending my legs back farther then I do when running. 
It pretty much takes me all season of running, biking, swimming or skiing to feel like I'm at my peek fitness and then the season is over and I move on to another sport and start all over again from what feels like Ground ZERO.. It's kind of discouraging but in a way it feels like it also makes me stronger because it is hard. If it's not hard then it doesn't feel like I'm putting in enough effort. 
I went skiing again today even with my legs really hurting. I pushed though and skied an hour and 5 minutes.. same speed as yesterday 5.2mph avg speed. I do enjoy being out in the woods.. and the fresh air... feeling great! 

Making up excuses for a good reason!

If I don't have plans for my daughter to come over with this little guy, I've had to make up excuses to go see them. I'm learning fast how to come up with good ones! I just can't get enough of him. Good thing my daughter thinks I should just come over, excuse or not.. just to see them all.
I also need a photo a day.. or more. If I could figure out how to get a text photo off my phone I'd share the pix she sent of Evan with the 2 doggies all cuddled up together sleeping. They are all going to be good buddies! 

On our way to dinner last night the sky was gorgeous! It's not easy taking photos while moving through a dirty windshield.. 
It's always great getting together with friends for a great night out.. I should have taken a photo of the burger Steve and I split. We like sharing food so we don't over eat. Portion size is always way too much. This way we can share chicken wings and a meal. 
The weather report said the temperature is going to drop back down below zero after today.. Guess this means I'd better go cross country ski and tomorrow... back inside the gym. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Garmin Skiing results

That felt GREAT to ski.. I still don't have the perfect cross country ski jacket... I tend to start off cold and after 13 minutes I'm sweating and hot. 
I remembered my Garmin and heart rate monitor. 
I took the long route and it only took me 1 hour and 8 minutes! I wasn't fast, avg speed 12mph.. but my heart rate was 125 - max of 154.  
X-Skiing is a lot harder then just running..Makes me wonder if I'll be sore at all tomorrow? I have a feeling my arm pits are going to hurt since I use my arms to move and push me up all the hills. Can you believe.. I only burned 558 calories! Now off to do my planks, superman and squats.. then to shop!

I'm Happy to bundle up! Suggestions for a 2014 Resolution!

Usually this would not be my idea of fun, to bundle up. It's just not the case today. I'm happy to bundle up because that means I get to cross country ski! I checked the weather report and today is suppose to be in the mid 30's.. Unfortunately, right now its only in the teens, but it's not going to stop me! 
I can not forget my Garmin.. I really want to see how many miles I travel and how fast on my ski's. I completely forgot yesterday but that was just a little trial ski trip.. this is the real deal.. I get to ski as much and as far as I want. Skiing is also taking the place of going to the gym and running inside today. I just can't do another day inside the gym. 
This is what I will be looking at today while I workout (ski). Its 100 times better then looking at a TV or the wall for an hour +. 


These are some happy feet and legs.. I'm itching to get out there.. Guess I should leave now that its light enough outside to not get freaked out in the woods. 
Last night was Tim's Birthday (Steve's brother). We had prime rib, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, squash, salad and french onion soup! A ton to eat and I was STUFFED! Can you believe I skipped dessert! 

We are now done with December Birthdays for the family. Three birthdays for the month and all from December 19 - 26th! 

I have one more night.. then I am only eating healthy foods. I just can't eat more crap! (that includes me caramel rolls, which I had 2 this morning). It kind of hurts my stomach and makes me feel sick. Maybe that's a good thing.. I'll want to stop eating that stuff if I don't feel well. 

I read an article about the benefits of being a vegetarian.. 
It was late.. so my memory is not the best and I'm not going to run and get the article but maybe later I'll go back and post the reference info.. and actual information. the main point was that you will be leaner on a all veggie diet. Dah... time to give up meat or at least cut way back to just 1 time a week. It also included giving up dairy.. bye, bye ice cream at night. 

Did I tell you what a great idea I had? Instead of coming up with our own New Year Resolutions.. Ask all family members to come up with one for you... They usually hit it spot on! A little truth never hurts.. well it can but maybe it will help us stick to some good changes in 2014.. 

So what are some of my "suggested" resolutions for the coming year? 
1. Wear more NON-Black colors, I do love black.. just shouldn't wear it every pants don't count, right? 
2. Be more patient.. because I'm always in a rush.. Why? I have no idea why I need to do everything quick and go places NOW. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Snow Fun!

I'm absolutely loving the snow and being able to Cross Country Ski!!!! 
Celina and I headed out to ski as soon as we could today.
Map..Check! Ski pass... Check! 
I have no idea of how far we skied but we took the short trail  since we are limited in time. 
What a great day to ski and get some much needed exercise this afternoon. It was snowing lightly out which made the woods extra pretty.
I've decided that no matter what.. I will ski every day that there is snow on the ground! 

Which one is better then the other?

I had a tough decision to make for breakfast this morning... Do I stick with my every day Wheat bread with Chunky Peanut-butter or do I have the cranberry walnut bread that is one of my favorites this time of year? 
There is also more Caramel rolls.. Which are my absolutely favorite type of bread.. so many choices.. so what do I do? Have half of everything. I would hate to give up all my favorites so I just choose to eat a little of every thing. 
I need these gone from the house and I can not be responsible for eating all. I just read an article about weight gain while still working out. It's the old, Well I worked out so I can eat as much as I want and not gain weight. That is just not true! You can and will gain weight even burning 700+ calories from running if you indulge too much. Caramel rolls is what I'd love to over indulge in.. but I know better so I'm trying my best to pace myself.. and hope that someone else will help eat these up!

Now I know.. It's back to the gym today after taking a rest day for Christmas. That's now 27 days of not working out this year.. I don't want to add any more days or pounds. 

Christmas night...

We have a busy Christmas schedule.. after having Christmas Eve at Tim's.. Christmas morning at our house we then move on to Steve's parents house for more gift opening.. then back to our house for Christmas dinner. We figured out a few years ago it's easier to come to the gifts then to transport them. This way we all get to share the entertaining..and we all agree, it just works really great! 
 I just can't get enough of this baby boy... can you tell I really like being Nana-Rain? Evan's going to have a trillion baby pictures because I must take at least 100 or more per day. 
 He just wanted to sleep all day long.. We really tried to wake him up.. then at 8pm.. he woke up and was looking around. I just love all the cute faces he makes. He is definitely my favorite gift this Christmas.. to have him here with us all for his very first Christmas... makes it very special.. 

 Dinner.. we ate really late.. but so good. Ham, some cheese-noodles, smashed potatoes, veggies and dip, three different breads, coleslaw and asparagus. 
 The ham was super good.. and by 8pm, we were all starving!
Claudette (Steve's Mom)  makes the fancy Christmas yule log cake every year. I'm thinking some day I need to try making one of these. I remember making one when I was taking French in High school.. Some day this tradition will be passed on to me, so for now.. I'll just enjoy the delicious Chocolate Cake. 
One more baby and Nana-Rain picture.. I'm so lucky Kendra and Paul like to share and let me hold him as much as possible.