The good stuff.. Food!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Run Every day.. Even Holidays..

It's even more important to run on a holiday.. because of all the extra calories we take in from Breakfast to Dinner. There is no better way to start the day then to wake up early on a holiday.. get your hour workout in.. and then enjoy the rest of your day.. guilt free and able to indulge without a worry about packing on the holiday pounds. 

Happy Easter!!

How do you like your eggs? I'm not a hard boiled egg eater but I do love quiche, omelets and scrambled eggs..

Do you exercise on all Holidays? I do skip Christmas.. 

What do you wear on Easter? Dress up or casual? I'm all about comfort.. Jeans, tank and a yellow and white shirt. 

How many miles did you run total this week? 51 miles!

What are your running  goals for next week?Indoor cross ramp 7 days.. 6 miles per day.. Run outside 3 days at least 3 miles/30 minutes per day at an easy pace.. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I ran in the rain.. and I liked it!

Running in the rain...? It was okay.. My feet got a little wet from the big puddle .. I missed.. My new thin jacket I purchased last fall for my very first half marathon did the trick! It's super light weight.. and keeps the rain/wind out! Also helps that it's BRIGHT! It's important that cars see you on the road. 

I'm going to practice running in the rain all summer. You can't control the weather when you sign up for a race. Its going to be helpful if I practice my running in all types of conditions. No matter how much I hate getting going.. once I'm out.. after 10 minutes.. all is good and I'm in my running zone. 

I still need to work on drinking water.. and eating small candies or something during a long run to keep me fueled. I just know that I'll never be one to want to eat those fuel packets of goo. 

Here's what I've eatten today.. because I told you I would post everything to stay honest with my 1500 calories or less.. 

3 almonds
2 bananas
2 whole grain bread with 1 Tbsp Peanut butter. 




60 minutes cross ramp
30 minutes outside running
Total of 90 minutes and 9 miles! 1000 calories burned by 11am! 

How are you spending Easter? Running, Family over for brunch, homework

Do you dye eggs? The kids do. I just clean up the mess. Steve boils the eggs. 

What's your favorite Easter Candy? I love it all.. the more the better? 

Where are You?

 It's been almost 10 years since my father passed away. Seems hard to believe that its been that many years. He died on August 29th.. 2 days before my 35th birthday... Dad.. you are still missed... 
We finally found him.. which is never easy to do... It's always hard to stop by.. but I'm glad I did..
Wish I had a picture of my father to share. I'll have to scan in the photo I look at every day as I come down the stairs. He's smiling which we hardly ever saw.. and fishing.. his favorite.. or at least I think that was his favorite thing to do? 

So where am I today in my never ending quest to stay fit? .. running inside once again at the gym. We have spring rain.. so it has to be an indoor day. Today.. will be a day for cleaning.. if I can get off the couch.. I decided to start again fresh on a 1500 calorie plan to lose weight.I'm not going to wait until after Easter.. it starts today.. 

I'll post what I eat to keep me honest.. I've already decided that if I choose to go above my 1500 calories (very possible) I will do extra exercises to burn off the extra calories. Fair deal? 


I've been a bit puppy crazy lately.. should I get a puppy? I want a Cockier Spaniel.. tan & white.. I keep looking and yesterday we went to the pet store.. just to look.. 

Are you trying to lose weight this spring? What's your diet plans? 
1500 calorie or less, exercise, veggies, fruit.. low cal.. limit bread!

Do you run in the rain? No.. but I'm going to run now in it.. I'm feeling a bit crazy.. and I think I just need to try it.. I'll let you know how it is!

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Stuff We See .. While Running or not?

This car was all Easter- ed Out.. Complete with unicorns.. and super heroes .  
 I especially like the details complete with fluffy purple-blue clouds
 If I was a super hero.. which one would I be? Super Woman... Because women can do it all! Plus.. I love the gold wrist bands..

What Super Hero would you be and why?

Some times you just see weird things while your out and about.. on the side of the road..while running.. 

What weird stuff have you seen out running? 

Do you ever wonder why there is always a shoe or sock along side the road.. and people slow down to look  at it? 

How do you keep going?

I've been asked this very question many times.. How do you keep going? 

It's simple.. to look and feel good. I remind myself how unhappy I was with myself before I was a daily exerciser.

There are days that I set out to do more exercise then my normal every day plan. I don't always follow through.. Yesterday.. I had big plans to try Line Dancing and wanted to go run outside. Remember me saying I was going to run every day outside for 30 minutes? Well.. just because you want to do something.. and say your going to do it.. well... life sometimes gets in the way.. choices we make. I choose to listen to my tired body. I decided it was best to rest then to keep pushing myself. 

How do you keep going? 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Let the Sun Shine in.. Wake UP!

It's sunny out again today and it looks like a beautiful spring day! Yesterday, I took some photos of the park, Walnut Hill where I will  RUN.. to the gym.. 3.2 miles from home and back again.. 
 It truly is a beautiful park and trail system to run along. I know.. because all last summer I ran it every day and could not get enough.. 
 Still snow covered.. but in a short weeks.. we will see grass and green.. 

 Come and run with me..... and have fun to.. all get running, biking,  or whatever you enjoy to get fit and tone.. As a runner, the secret to having a lean sexy body is to run. Its not like you have to run fast.. just run.. or power walk.. just get out and move.. 


How do you stay fit in the summer months? 

What do you think of the new fad diet. 5/2 fast diet? Five days of eating normal, with 2 days of fasting (500 calorie day)? 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring... Wonderful Spring..

I'm done with my 30 minute.. probably 3 mile run.. I didn't even break a sweat.. well kind of.. that's why I'm only wearing my tank top on a 40*F day.. Jacket weather.. but not when your running.. It's tank top only.. 
We still have more snow then bare ground.. Spring does not smell like roses.. more like rotten dog poop.. I know.. That's what I could smell every where.. I just didn't let that bother me.. Because I was outside once again.. 
Running outside definitely is different once again.. I did the right thing by only doing 30 minutes.. I will just keep doing easy 30 minute runs every day that its nice out.. Build back up little by little.. 
This is why I run.. My after run treat. Natural Vanilla Bean Ice cream with Butterscotch topping.. 


What does it smell like outside to you in the spring? 

Do you like to run 2x's per day? Yes... it's easier to train for long distances when you break up the miles.. 3, 4, 3, 3

Is that mole on my face getting any smaller?  It's grown bigger.. I'm  going to the dermatologist in April.. 

Digest Now.. run later..

Pure.... yummi-ness... That's what it is.. I'm busy digesting my lunch... I was going to have Cinnamon Bread French Toast for b-fast but I had already made my PB Wheat Toast and remembered I was going to make this.. 
I thought I'd be making this for everyone .. but I guess I'm the only one who thinks French Toast sounded good for lunch. 
It's crazy sunny outside.. we haven't had too many days of sunshine since at least September.  Its been one of those gloomy winters.. I need to get outside and run.. but I have to digest.. or nap.. maybe both.. A lazy Spring Break Day.. now if I could just find a non-snow covered beach.. that's where you'd find me running then napping.. 

Good Stuff ..

After my first indoor track run yesterday.. I was happy to get back out my foam roller. It hurts but feels so good on my legs.. roll out those IT bands. 
If you have never tried a foam roller.. its a must! There are a lot of YouTube Videos out there to get you started if you have no clue on what to do. Or do what I did.. Just lay your legs across it and start rolling back and forth.. I guarantee you'll figure it out! 
If you already have a foam roller then you know how runners must do this after every run. 

I had one of those super emotional, stressful.. days yesterday. I made the choice to have ice cream, cookies and cookie dough.. All in controlled portions so not any binge but obviously more treats then I needed. I certainly did not stay within 1500 calories if not up to 3500 for the day.. Weird things happen when I eat crap.. I lost a pound. Was not expecting that after over the weekend putting back on 2 pounds and now the last 3 days ... dropping weight every day.. I'm using that as a sign.. I did the right thing by running an extra 30 minutes and running 9 miles instead of 6.. it jolted my body into fat burning..

What makes you reach for the cookies and Ice cream? Anything.. I just love the stuff so when I'm happy, sad, mad or stressed that's what I want. 

Any dieting secrets you want to share? I've learned that one bad day of eating does not mean you have to keep making poor choices, the next day start fresh.. back on track.. 

Are you a foam roller? 

How many miles are you going to run today? Indoor or out? I'm doing both today.. already ran indoors 6 miles. It's going to be 40 and more snow will melt. I have to get out and run 3 more miles!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Come on Feet.. Let's Hit the Pavement!

After months of running indoors... November - March.. I'm finally outside running.. 
I didn't run far.. to the mail box and back.. After-all . I ran 9 miles already today and 3 was on an indoor track! If I knew it was going to be this sunny and nice outside.. I would have surly ran outdoors.. 
This is a good sign.. tomorrow there will be more feet hitting the pavement.. Happy feet.. 

My outdoor running shoes.. finally back on track.. 


Was it nice enough outside today for you to run? 

What's your favorite running distance? 4 miles, rolling hills outside .. 

What did you eat for a snack today? Bananas, Chocolate Chip cookie dough, 1 scoop vanilla ice cream, popcorn.. (I know.. a lot of snacks because I had veggie soup for lunch..)

All kinds of things...

I have a lot going on.. Running is hard lately. No, I lied.. It's not hard.. I'm just done with being indoors. I need and want fresh air. 

Today.. I decided I need to start back up running.. probably not the most inspiring place at the Y's indoor track.. but its running and a good place to warm up for outside. 

I have an hour class of Gentle Yoga this morning.. followed by my indoor track running. Not sure how long I run but it will be at least 30 minutes if not longer. We will see how I feel. I already ran 6 miles.. 

The stress of starting a new business is costing me sleep. I am up all night tossing and turning. This could be the reason why I'm having a hard time running. I do look to running to help me focus.. It just takes up more time when I should be working on my new running business. 

I'll post random photos later.. Our challenge.. Cribbage Tourney! 

Guess who is in the 1st place bracket.. I'm super competitive.. can you tell??  _____________________________________________________

What is stressing you out? 

Are you done with working out indoors? 

Do you like Gentle Yoga? 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's not jumbo.. It's Ginormous!

Too Big to eat!

We stopped at this Diner and Dive place today for b-fast.. Logan ordered the JUMBO Caramel roll.. It was HUGH!!! 
 My Pancakes were also on the extreme size.. It was one of those carb loading days.. I know.. it's not going to be a 1500 calorie day that's for sure!!

The Nelson's... All out to eat.. Sometimes small... places have the best homemade food. Two thumbs UP! 

I had HUGE plans to run outside today even with all the snow still... Until it started snowing and the temperature kept dropping. I will wait until Thursday to start my outside running... if I don't bug me about it.. I really need to start building up my outside running endurance before spring really is here! 


What's your favorite Breakfast foods? Caramel roll, scrambled eggs and hash browns. 

Are you on Spring break this week? Any plans? Yes and no... Spring break for school was last week, the kids this week..  We kind of have some plans but they are up in the air.. 

Sunday.. Palm..

My one time of year I actually am going to church.. just because we all get a palm. I use to actually like going to church on Palm Sunday just for that reason.. to wave my palm. I use the gym now as a place to meditate and renew myself..... 

Look we are all dressed up.. I even took my hair out of a ponytail and curled it. 
Here.. you can actually see my hair.. it won't last! Curls never do! You can't even tell I did my hour long run already.. That's all I had time for.. no weights today and I didn't even run or do anything yesterday.. I had it in my mind it was going to be a full rest day and it was! Did I feel more refreshed? No.. but the time went quickly.. I had a funny episode of Friends to watch then a gym friend showed up and we talked the rest of the time. 

Remember me saying the reason why I like going on Palm Sunday is because we get a Palm.. My Palm was stolen by a little old lady in front of me. Just as I was reaching down to get my palm she snatched it up, under her seat. I can't believe I was robbed at Church! .. Ironic.. 


What weird stuff has happened to you at church? 

Are all little old ladies with white cotton hair crooks? 

Do you love free stuff? 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Goodies from Today!

I also received these goodies.. 

I'm over excited about that wrapped bag.. It's a water bottle that is flat.. Love that idea for camping.hiking. It will definitely get used!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Two times is the best!

I'm thinking two times a day working out really is best. It gives me a chance to cross train.. Who am I kidding? I've been cross training all winter long. 

It's just such a long space between my morning workout and then next one, I easily can fit in another 1 hour workout. 

Yesterday, I ran in the morning... as I always do .. then went cross country skiing. While my days are limited with more skiing.. I sure can bike, run, walk or do home exercises in the late afternoon/evening. 

Lost more weight yesterday.. not a lot.. 0.4 pounds.. But still.. after yesterdays eating out and having some ice cream plus.. all that salt! Wow.. surprised to lose anything at all! 

Just thought I'd share my heart rate.. while working out.. if you don't have a heart rate monitor.. get one! They are the best for tracking your cardio progress!! I love mine and wear it daily! Keeps me challenged. 

How many times a day do you workout? and for how long? 

Do you cross train or just do one sport? 

What do you always take with you when exercising? 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Those 8 little things!

Steve and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.. What am I to do..? I had 8 of these boneless chicken.. hot and spicy! I looked up the calories after 288 for 4 so a total of around 600 calories and I had the side salad with balsamic dressing I'm guessing around 200 calories? A whopping 800 calories just on lunch! 

Here I'm trying to stay under 1500 calories for the day.. I had Steve come home from work early just so I could cross country ski off those calories. When he got home, I had no choice but to get off the couch and head out to ski for 45 minutes.. I try and go as fast as I can.. I love flying down the hills.. 

I'm hoping for one more day of skiing.. Not sure I'll have time before too much melts. I'm hoping to lose more weight tomorrow.. It's always fun to weight yourself when you lose weight.. not gain it! 


What are you looking forward to on your Friday? 

Eat anything extra hot and spicy lately? 

I'm In A Great Place!

Life is going good. Sometimes.. I get a little down and out.. but mostly I am thankful for where my life  is taking me.. 

The sun.. greets me on my way home from my run... 

I was feeling extra good this morning. I slept an extra hour until 5:30am.. no studying because the test isn't until next week.. I felt so great I decided to work hard enough to get my heart rate up to 160!.. Mission accomplished! 

Plus.. I lost 1 more pound today for a total of 3 pounds after keeping my calories down.. I even ate ice cream yesterday.... 
I made dinner again last night. Can you believe it.. 2 days in a row.. what's going on? I'll tell you.. HUNGER! lol... I made spaghetti squash for myself. It's super easy. I just poked it.. and stuck it in the microwave for 10 minutes.. poof it was cooked and tastes exactly like angle hair pasta that I made for the kids. I also had a salad.. Yum... and like I said.. I just wanted a bowl of chocolate brownie ice cream.. so I had a scoop.. 1 Cup and called it delicious!

What are you cooking for dinner tonight? 

What's your evening treat? 

Have you ever tried Spaghetti Squash?  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It worked!!!

It worked.. I lost 2 pounds on the scale just by reducing my calories to 1500 yesterday and a lot of working out. My biggest challenge is right before dinner when I'm most hungry.  I know that in order for me to stick to 1500 calories until I lose 10 pounds is to make dinner around 5 to 5:30pm  any later and I start to eat what I should not.

The Water Tabata Class was Not necessary the best workout for me. It did provide some arm toning when we did push ups against the pool side using the water's resistance, also doing scissors with my legs worked the inner thighs. It was about a 35 minute workout after a 15 minute set up (circuit stations).. jogging in place in the pool.. (really does zero for me.. although it helped to keep me from freezing. Overall.. it's a good beginner workout and great if your not into getting all hot and sweaty. Too much effort goes into getting in a swim suit, getting wet then having to change. I'd rather just wear my workout clothes.. sweat and go home. 

This is the "Guy" I was telling you about. He tells me exactly what muscles I'm working while running on the cross ramp. I adjust the intensity & incline to target my butt.. ..  I think it's working!!!
 Going to do a 30 minute workout.. to get use to the machines. I have to plan a 30 minute PT session for my Intern supervisor in April.... 
Sticking to my 1500 calories and see how much weight I lose in a week... Veggies, fruit and Protein.. a balance low calorie diet. 


What diets have you tried? Fasting, under 500 calories per day. Rice/salsa.. 

What's your workout today? How long? 60 minute Cross ramp run,  15 minute weights (abs, chest, arms), at the  treadmill 15, Weights 15, clean house 1 hour.. Maybe x-ski if it's not feeling crazy cold?? 

Training for any races this spring or summer? Thinking about doing a Tri.. My daughter's T.H. will have a pool where I can train for the swimming part. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm Cooking

Can you believe it.. I'm making dinner tonight! 

A salad with lite ranch dressing and pork chops just like the MN State Fair does them with Lowery's season salt and a dash of garlic powder and cracked pepper. The only reason I'm making dinner is because I'm starving!!! 

This is what I've eaten today...
B-fast - 2 slices of whole grain bread with 1 Tbsp peanut butter 
              2 small bananas (400 calories_

Lunch- Stir fry veggies with very little to no sauce on them.. 
           1 banana (300?)

Snack - 1 banana (100)
              few pieces of air pretzel crisps

Dinner- Green salad (carrots/red onion)with 2 Tbsp lite Ranch dressing (200)
             1 pork chop (350)
             Parsnips- baked with salt/pepper (100)

I'm guessing at the calories?? 

Run- Cross Ramp 60 minutes = 6 miles
Weights (abs, chest, arms) 15 min
Swim-- 45 minute Tabata workout in the water. 7pm tonight! 

I'm trying to stay under 1500 calories. I need to see what its like to diet again and restrict my calories. Plus, I need to lose some weight again to maintain.. 

Logan just informed me.. "Your burning the crap out of those pork chops" oops.. I hear more buzzers going off.. All is Perfect!

There will be a water Tabata Update!

Do you make dinner every night? 

How many Calories per day do you eat? 

If it's not hard.. its not worth doing?

Is that really a true statement.. that if it's not hard, its not worth doing? 

I don't think every day should be a hard workout day. In fact, yesterday I took the day off from running! I know... it's hard to believe that I would just.. drive home instead of running. Usually I don't give myself a choice. I'm on auto pilot.. just get up and go. My legs and brain start getting restless and I know it's time to jump up and go. 

Here's some of what I thought about running/workout out before I became a daily exerciser. 
- Sweat makes you feel gross
- I don't want to look like I'm sweating
- I didn't know how or what to do with the machines or weights
- I thought exercise would make me too tired to do anything else
- I needed to "save" my energy for actual work. 
- I thought it would be too hard to run for more then 5 minutes
- I didn't own tennis shoes or workout clothes

This is what I think about running and exercise now:
- It will make me feel better
- Sweat burns calories
- Working out makes me tone
- Running is a great mental release.. helps you focus and resolve any conflicts in your mind
- Helps maintain weight loss 
- Give me more energy throughout the day
- Makes me strong
- A great feeling of accomplishment
- I have a great selection of workout clothes
- Excuse to buy more shoes
- I've never looked or felt better in my life! 


What did you use to think about exercise/ running? 

What are you looking forward to today? Pool Tabata.. never made it to the pool yesterday.. temps too cold and too many other plans.. so today is the day I try something else new!! 

What's your favorite type of workout? I don't have just one.. I love running when it's summer outside first thing in the morning, love cross country skiing, rock climbing, biking... 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Power X.. & At home Workout

Needed to share our green food from yesterday..
Key lime bars.. Brownie/cheesecake.. 

I'm trying Water Power Exercise night. It's high-intensity exercise in the pool to increase strength and endurance. I use to love swimming laps.. swim team for years.. and swam all year round. It will be nice to get back in the pool and try something new. I'm not really looking forward the idea of the pool and winter. I'll get over it.. They should have warm pool water? I hope??? 

It's crazy blizzard snowing out.. so instead of going to the gym.. I opted for a home workout. After all  I do make a workout for my P-T Clients. I decided it's a good excuse to try out a workout I make up. Just 30 minutes. Here's My workout in case you want to try it too!

Stretch.. 5 minutes.. (laying leg/body twists on both sides) 
Hamstring/ Quad stretches, and arm stretches.. Yoga.. down dog, calf stretches.. 

Now on the the workout.. 2x's

1 minute jumping jacks
1 min Step up, step down (on stepper)
1 min step up, lift up right knee- repeat 
1 min step up, lift up left knee - repeat
1 min mountain climbers
30 stab ball push ups
1 min mason twist (core workout)
1 minute - stability ball over head, grab with legs bring down and up
1 minute stab ball crunches
1 minute stab ball, hands behind back, up and down
1 minute, side right leg lifts
1 minute side left leg lifts
1 minute stab ball, lift up butt off floor and down
1 minute jog in place

I'm a little concerned that I did not run this morning on the cross ramp. I always consider other exercises as extra. 30 minutes is not enough to call it good. While it got my heart rate up and did help tone.. It's not enough for today. I will be cross country skiing. A really good workout since I doubt the trails will be groomed. Makes it extra challenging.. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

3 leaf Clovers.. and Hitting the Wall..

No one else wanted my green pancakes for lunch today so I made them any way in the shape of 3 leaf clovers.  I enjoyed them all by myself! Exactly what I wanted! 
See how little things make me sooo happy! 

I had another really rough morning of getting motivated to go run. I  just feel tired and blah..  I of course ignore how I feel, because I'd never go anywhere. It's from a schedule change.. staying up too late and not getting up normal time. I'm also still dreaming about running outdoors.. I know that I could run outside now. I just choose to wait until I don't get frost bite or slip on any snow/ice/sand. Best to wait.. But its soooo hard to wait! 

It's A Green Day.. St. Patty

I am wearing green today to workout... Chopped half my face off in this pix.. I should have bought some fun St. Patty Day socks.. This is about as Irish as I get. 

I really wanted green pancakes today for b-fast but I came home to a fully cooked b-fast. Potatoes, sausage and toast. I'll make them for lunch instead because breakfast is great all day long. 

I'm getting more and more unhappy about my weight every day. I've been working on losing the last of my weight for 2+ years now.. Getting no where and I've even gained a bit more. I get enough exercise so I know it's my diet. I keep track of what I eat.. every thing but I don't control what and how much. I do try to eat healthy for most of the day. I just love my sweets. It's time to go back to what works.. Brown rice, lots and lots of fresh salsa, sweet potatoes . veggies and fruit. Limit variety until I lose the weight I need. Plus, start running 2x's a day at least 3x's a week to up my burning calories and speed up the process. We all know diets don't last. This will kick start me back into eating more healthy and keeping the weight off and maybe just maybe reaching my goal weight. I need this to feel good again and it's getting me down lately.. Seems I've just been waiting until this semester is over and I have 7 more weeks to go. I just can't wait any longer! Life will always be busy and I just need to learn to work with it. 

It was okay again at the gym.. Glad I went and ran.. I actually did 10 minutes longer today for 70 minutes total. Just talking and running which always makes time fly. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where are you spring?

I need spring.. I want to run outside.. It's just not right to live in a place MN where we only have 3 really nice months to enjoy the hot weather. I love the heat.. running in it.. does not bother me at all. 

I'm envious of the places that are experiencing summer temperatures right now. 

What am I doing instead? I got up late.. 7am.. and went to the gym to workout.. run on the cross ramp and try to focus on studying for the hour. I'm one of those people that needs variety.. I was tempted to run on the treadmill today but then remembered how screwed up my toe nails get.. I'll wait till the pavement can screw them up. 

I really want to be one of those people that wants to go for a long run on a weekend. I just want to be done so I can go eat. Today, I decided to eat a banana before running. I was hoping that would keep me from feeling drained and overly hungry. It worked. I was glad to have something in my stomach pre-run. I again adjusted the cross ramps setting to target my butt. 

I think my bun dimples are dissolving... Since I am feeling good today.. the sun is out.. I have plans tonight and I feel great after my workout.. I put on my skinny red jeans.. 

Go and put on something you feel good in.. do something for you.. Spring is soo close.. Enjoy the sunshine! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mad Skills...

 I'm showing off my mad cooking skills.. There are a few things I can make and this is one of them.. Crepes.. Not for breakfast but dinner tonight. I am always running Saturday morning and when I get home.. I'm starved so this meal had to be made tonight or I would not get to ever eat crepes, maple sausage and hash browns. I love my crepes with raspberry jelly. I use to only like grape until I discovered the State Fair brand of Raspberry Jam.. I need more make up on my face or else I just need to see the sun! See that mole in the pix.. it's on the left side by my nose. It's still sticking out.. and I finally decided to talk to a nurse who suggested if there are any changes in a mole. you need to get it checked out.. Dr. Appt Monday at 10am. I'm sure it's nothing.. 
I use to have a mole behind my ear.. I got that sliced off along with a few moles on my neck/shoulder. Some are growing back.. Didn't anticipate that! 
Where is a weird placed mole on you? 

How do you like your crepes? 

What are your mad cooking skills good at making? 

What is this book thing?

I had a question yesterday about my book. What exactly is in my I am fit book? 

Here's some answers to that question.. With photos.. 
This is what I fill out each day.. Top  Exercise, what I ate for b-fast, lunch, dinner and snacks, plus my todo list, date and weight.. 

It would cost too much to print the sheets above. so I just used blank pages and write the info in myself.

This is to chart my daily and weekly progress for exercise and weight each day and week.. 
With my printing discount of 20% I think this cost $3.80 cheaper then a note book and more personalized. If I have those pages printed.. it would have been $25.. Not worth the extra money. 

Do you keep track of food, weight, exercise? 

What methods have you used or still use and for how long? 

10 Love.. 10 Hate

There are things I love about the gym and thing I hate.. Well, hate is a pretty strong word.. let's just say.. dislike. 

Top 10 Love the Gym...

10. There are always people exercising which helps motivate me
9. There is always someone to talk to... when I need to distract myself.
8. So many TV's to choose from
7. A great time to study.. and focus all my attention
6. I always feel great after a workout... leaving the gym
5. It's close enough 3.5 miles that I can run there and home
4. Lots of variety of machines, weights etc.. 
3. I've made a lot of nice people
2. I always know I'll burn at least 700 calories while there.. 
1. A great way to stay fit in the winter when I need to be indoors. No weather issues!

Top 10 Dislike.. 
10. Too many people some days
9. My machines are all taken.. have to do something else
8. Every once in awhile stuck next to someone that annoys me (grunts, smells, snorts)
7. People leaving their wet sweat on equipment
6. Germs.. 
5. When someone forgets to show up and unlock the doors
4. All the TV's on info-commercials.. or sports
3. Music so low I can barely hear it over the machines
2. Slow.. sad music. who can get energized with that? 
1. Smelly bathroom.. happens every once in awhile.. 


What are your top 10 like about the gym? 

Top Dislike?

Have you ever bitten your finger when eating, by accident of course? Yes.. just did it eating my green apple.. Ouch! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I am Fit Journal..... You can do it!!

I am sooo very excited!! My own "I am Fit Journal"  A book I made for me to keep track of my fitness... It's simple.. I tried to see what it would cost to print pages.. too much. This book was only $4.25,  but I used a 20% off coupon. If you remember.. I use to purchase a book for $15 "I will get fit". I never used it as intended and after buying 3. It was time to make my own.. I will always make my own book!!

I had a bit of a stressful morning.. I was going to a customers house and I couldn't make it up their steep driveway. I started sliding back and before you know it.. I was sideways on the driveway and couldn't get out.. I ran to their neighbors house and luckily.. a nice old guy helped save the day.. I was sweating bullets on this one as I pictured the car rolling over sideways.. 
I decided after my driveway challenge... 
(its hard to tell how bad it was from this photo.)
I was driving by a Wendy's and remembered how much I love the Baja Salad with chili  So good and I looked it up 600 calories since I ate it with the chips on top but minus the dressing.. 
I just love this salad.. I'm not crazy about beans, but some how I'm able to eat them on this salad.