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Friday, May 31, 2013

All in a day..

I've got my feet up after day 3 of running on the treadmill. I'm kind of feeling a bit lazy since I've only been running 5 miles each day at 5.1mph.. but I do run hills at 2.5 incline today. I can also say it has not been easy as I would like.. even though my heart rate says I'm running easy it feels anything but! 

I have a dilemma.. we no longer have to take Logan all day to a soccer tournament at 8am tomorrow. This means I am open to run the local 5K race. The race where I placed 2nd last year. I really want to get first place and get a better PR. This would be the first race of 2013 for me. I just don't feel ready to run and do better then I did last year. I'm not feeling it.. I want to, but I don't.. 

Here's what I'm thinking.... 

-Skip the race this year.. keep running all winter, so I'm ready next spring for this very same race. 
-Do a long run tomorrow.. 8 or more miles.. and bike. I will get way more exercise then going all out for 3 short miles.. 

I am doing a race weekend.. The Rugged Maniac. Good enough right? 


Have any dilemma's lately? 

How long are you working out this weekend? 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm always happy when...

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday.... Another issue of Fitness Journal. I'm a fitness reader junkie.. so I was pretty happy to see I had something new to read yesterday afternoon. 
It was another treadmill day. I could have ran outside, it was light enough at 5am.. Instead I decided to try my indoor running once again and take it easy. 5.0mph.. at 1.5 max incline today..keeping my heart rate max at 126.. which is slightly above my fat burning zone (HR should be less then 121). I felt pretty good today running. Time went by fairly quickly and I did not miss the cross ramp at all! 

Still no new bike! What is going on here? I am going to call again and bug the store to see where my bike is! New bike or Old I am riding at least 4 or 8 miles today. My break is over, time to do at least 2 sports a day. I was feeling a little over trained.. or at least my body was.. I was tired all the time, cranky and didn't feel very refreshed. I've cut back.. that's my idea of taking a rest day. Now I feel fine again..

What do you love reading? 

What makes you cranky? 

Easy or hard workout today? 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Never Ever Going to Be Easy!

Any one who tells you working out gets easier is sooo very wrong. It's hard. Really hard some days. Today was one of those super hard days. 

We got to the gym at 5:05am, just 5 minutes after the doors open. Already the CrossRamp machines were packed.  I didn't want to run on the one that is lopsided so I chose to run on the treadmill instead. My body just wasn't into it at first. I had a rough 30 minutes.. actually it was a rough 60. 

The first few minutes I had this weird foot pain.. so I stopped and started a few times trying to workout whatever was making my foot hurt. Figured that out.. and tried to run... My legs felt like lead. I took it nice and slow at first. 5.0.. then 5.5 and finally settling on 5.1 with a hilly workout 3.0 incline. To think last summer I'd run at 6.0 and do the hills feeling pretty good. 

I definitely lost my running fitness.. I have to keep running all winter or I'll lose it again. Its just not fun.. not being able to pick up where I left off last fall. 

I went to the chiro yesterday and look what I found.. an acupuncture needle.. in my lower back.. they forgot to remove.. 

At the soccer fields yesterday.. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No Sleep for me...

I slept for the last 4 days.. I was so and night and then came Monday night.. I was back to my old sleep pattern.. up all night long.. insomnia.. Wonderful.. 
It's another day that looked like this.. rain and over cast. I did not run home from the gym... I sure saw a lot of others that didn't mind a few drops.. 

I might have been super tired.. but I did manage to do a lot of organizing  It's a good thing because as the summer goes on there will be plenty of nice days ahead and I won't want to spend any time cleaning my own house.


Do you like to run in the rain? 

Ever tried crossfit? 

Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm so Vain... Don't you know!

Have you ever wanted something on your body to be fixed?

I'll never do this.. at least I don't think I would.. unless it was a paid medical option.. To get some of my ear lobes lopped off. I have way too much lobe.. A little snip and tuck would be easy right? 

I'm also thinking I'd like my nose to be less wide.. I have a huge bump that fans out.. Just take out some of that... and make it a skinny nose.. 

Where would it stop? Neck lift.. eye lid lift.. 

Shouldn't I just be happy with me? 

I'm thinking these are small little tucks and nips.. Maintenance.. right? 

My stomach really hurts..

I got to sleep in for the 3rd day in a row.. What's going on here? I really needed the rest because I've been sooo tired.. walking around in a fog all day long and the wine I drank last night did not help that feeling.. 

I ate before running because my stomach hurt..I'm use to having b-fast before 7:30am every day and here it was 8:15am..

Done with my 7.5 miles with the weather looking like this today. It only drizzled on me.. and was 55/60*F with wind.. I still have a stomach ache.. at 10:30am.. When you run.. I'm always thinking of how my stomach feels. It can make a huge difference in your run.. Maybe I'm getting sick because I sure feel like I could throw up.. and its not from running 7.5 miles.. 

Memorial Day.. how's your weather? 

Plans for the day? 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Finally Time to Sit!

The kids bathroom is 98% done. There is just a little new wide-white trim to put around the door. The kids have new floor tile and a new wall light. Their bathroom was super dark in the shower... this new light makes the whole bathroom light up! 
The new wall light.. Love it!! Why oh why didn't we do this 13 years ago? 
While Steve was working on the bathroom.. I was going through the kids art shelves.. and book case. Plus, dusting, cleaning the kitchen etc.. Finally after a few hours.. I'm done! 
Once the trim is done in the kids bathroom.. it's on to their rooms. Time to clean out the old clothes and donate. Another big project but much needed and since we are having crappy cold, cloudy weather.. no better thing to do on a long weekend. Once summer really starts.. I'm not going to want to stay indoors to clean and organize. I'm hoping also do get the basement storage area cleaned and sorted. We have toys galore to purge!

Pain in the side...

I have this weird pain in my lower ribs.. it must be some sort of pulled muscle. Good thing I go back to the chiropractor Tuesday. I tried to stretch it out and then decided some good old Excedrin might help at least on my run... 
I did my hilly run this morning. Did you know it's important to plan what kind of training run you will do? Shouldn't running any distance be enough of a training plan? Guess not! 

I am calling my 4 mile hilly trail.. my hill sprint training. Every time I run this route it has at least 6 ginormous hills.. I try to get up them as fast as I can.. I watch my heart rate go from 125...all the way up to sometimes 151.. at the top of the hill.. thankfully, these hills are so big.. the down hill run is even better...  I save the sprint for the end of my run.. when I can see our house, I take off just around the corner and give it my all.. I just pretend the mail boxes are the flags at the finish line.. Sometimes I like to race Steve while he peddles as fast as he can... Today I won.. he didn't know I'd be racing! 
We like to joke around while I run.. and say things like.. "Get on my back while I run.. it would be so fun". you can yell "Go Lorraine, Go." or maybe I should put a rope around my waist and pull you on the bike.. Sprint up the hills to get a double workout.. Wouldn't that be could lay back, and relax while I do all the work...It's our own weird sense of humor...  ;0)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sick on Cookies & Pizza

I bought these cookies.. and I could not stop eating the M&M cookies until they were all gone! 
The brownie cookies are really good too. Thankfully, Steve has discovered that too and is slowly eating them up. 

Home-made pizza's. Don't tell Steve but his pesto, chicken pizza was way better then mine.. 

I didn't accomplish much of anything today. I didn't even run the extra 2 miles.. I never seem to want to workout later on it the day. I really need to get in the habit of going for a late afternoon run, swim or bike ride..something other then sitting around.. 

Here's what I did with my Saturday... 

- Ran 4 miles 
- Looked for Tent pole repair parts at Fleet Farm and Gander Mountain.
- Ate a few cookies and a few more.. and more.. ugh!! Think that's all I ate today!
- Checked out 15+ books at the local library
- Mowed the front lawn & trimmed the edges
- Planted my herbs and flowers by the front door in all 6 pots
- Got my hair trimmed.. 
- Went G-shopping and to the wine store.. because Liquor store doesn't sound as good. 
- Read.. all my new books
- Made Pizzas
- Cleaned up the kitchen and washed dishes( pushed the button and threw in some dish washing soap)
- Took a power 30 minute nap
- Was the break & turn signal tester for Steve (tail light needed to be replaced)
- Did a little garage sweeping and curb clean up
- Cleaned the piggy and bunny cages

Guess, I wasn't as lazy as I thought I was.. But still.. no organizing happened.. Maybe tomorrow.. ? 

What time is it?

Do you see that it's almost 8am.. I'm still not running! 
I was having one of those mornings where I wanted to run outside.. but my body wanted to stay in bed... Time to lace up and get a move on.. but not without dragging Steve with me.. He really wanted to sleep more too but I guilt-ed him into biking while I ran.
  I just knew how much he would enjoy listening to the birds and seeing all the flowers.. and I was right! 
Can you see how happy I am to be done with my lazy Saturday 4 mile, very hilly run? 
I really want to do at least 2 more miles.. but I just want to eat my breakfast and start organizing the many rooms I have yet to clean up! 
Today, it's tackle the porch/family room and laundry room. Steve will be working on the garage. 

How do you get thought a workout when feeling Saturday lazies? 

Do you make others come with while running, biking, walking? 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Diet out the window.. It's wine, chocolate & cheese Friday

Steve and I decided for an anniversary date we'd do a wine tour.. First stop. Red Wing.. and look who joined us? The owner of the winery with his own personal wine "Potter John"..a bottle he signed for us. I think he even has his own FB fan club.  
We had a great time sampling many types of wines at 3 different wineries..  
 We had a picnic lunch.. I pretty much packed for 20 people just because I could not decide on what we should eat. So I brought a little of everything. 3 chocolate desserts, 2 french bread loaves, 3 cheeses, hard salami, ham, fruit, veggies and dips with chips.. 
 My sandwich.. we ate in Red Wing out on the deck sitting in the sun.. made for a perfect lunch with a glass of our favorite wine.
Our signed bottle of wine. 
Look at the turkey and deer!
What a great spring day...

Clothes swapping..

I found Celina with a shirt of mine on yesterday.. It's so cool she likes Mom's clothes! 
I love how she wants to share clothes.. or at least she can wear mine. This girl of mine is super skinny and I doubt that came from me. She's in 7th grade and only weights 90 pounds, has long legs.. and is perfect. 

I was never allowed to share clothes with my sister.. so I love it when my kids want to. There is something about sharing that can bring you closer... we like the same things... __________________________________________________________________________________

Do you like to share clothes? 

Long Legs...

Just what I wished I had.. long legs.. While I'm kind of tall at just a hair under 5'8"... my body is longer then my legs..
I tried out my new sports bra.. I always thought I'd get way too hot with all that extra fabric with a tank.. It was only 40*f so what better day then to try out multiple layers.. because I'm thinking of wearing this sports bra for my tri race. Seems from pix a lot of women do this.. then they throw a tank over for the biking and running. Knowing how over-heated I get running.. I'd probably ditch the tank.. not sure it's age appropriate but hey.. I'd never think twice about it if we were at the lake or pool.. 
After my very hilly 4 mile run. I'm not getting the speed like I did last year.. but nice and easy is best until I get use to the hills again and running on pavement.. (did my nose suddenly grown wider and bigger?.. got to love self pix.. ugh)
What would you like to have? 

Did you keep up fitness level during the winter months? 

Would you wear just a sports bra to run? 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

New hair..skipping

Do you have any idea of how difficult it can be to take a photo of yourself?
 I know, call me narcissistic! Well, isn't everyone a bit these days? That's what blogs are about me, me, me.. 
What I wanted to show you, is my new... brand new lighter hair color.  

I've never gone lighter before, always darker. I was a bit scared of the results but I figured.. I can always go dark again.. no big deal!
Steve didn't really know what to think of my new color. I'm not even sure you can really tell the difference?  Here's my thought  process, I'll go lighter and it will hid the grays coming in.. This way, I won't have to touch up as often. Right? It sounds completely logical so, that's what I'm going with!
There's me again.. 3x's and I still didn't get it right! 

Tuesday was the last time I worked out 2x's this week. I'm feeling rather bad about it.. I took Wednesday as a rest day and today.. that was a hair day. I really should have made it a swim day but once again I chose to skip my afternoon workout.. I still ran 6 miles and lifted weights/abs but I really wanted to fit in some other cross training.. Makes me feel lazy.. So instead.. I have some ice cream w/ blueberries and a few slices of pepperoni.. What a combo! 

Easy or not so?

This was not the look of determination today. I'm failing at sticking with a diet that I will lose weight. I was not feeling like working out this morning. 

Staying in bed to sleep through my workout time is never an option unless I'm too sick and know I should rest. This was not a sick day. This was just a blah day.. Can you see that look in my eyes? 

I got through my run.. took it easy or moderate which is what I normally do every day.. and am glad I did. I still look a little out of it.. Just thinking of what I want to do today.. 

I need a change.. and change is what I'm getting! Time to cover the few strands of white in my hair.. and go blond. Not exactly blond but highlights of lighter color.. I spend all this time working out and I hardly ever fix myself up. I put on just enough make up to look semi awake, pull my hair back in a pony tail and get dressed in other clean workout clothes.. I guess, it's time to get into more of fixing myself up more then just 1 time a year. 

What changes are you making in your life? 

Was it an easy or hard day for your workout? 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Coming up with my own races..

Happy 14 year Anniversary 6 mile togetherness Running Race .. 
That's right.. I'm coming up with my own running races or tri races. Every day I read about other runners signing up or running various races. I'm feeling a bit left out that I don't have any to do.. So why not come up with my own theme races every day. Who needs to pay an entry fee just to run with a bunch of people, get a bagel, T-shirt and metal? I can still do all that.. without the fee. and if I choose, I can come up with my own race loot.. Which today, it's going to be flowers, and peanut butter on whole wheat bread.. because it's an anniversary run. Which we did together today.. as we do every day.. 6 miles.. side by side the whole way! The best race I ever ran!


What should I call tomorrows race? 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chiro.. much needed!

I'm off to the Chiropractor.. Much needed! It's been ages since I last went to get my back cracked and adjusted. I'm feeling my lower back pains.. and all sorts of pains all over my body.. 

I kind of think its a treat to go see the chiropractor.  I always giggle when my back is cracked and I have no idea of why? If I could just get an hour long massage like I use to get when insurance would pay for it.. that would be super! I'll have to settle for the little bit of a massage from the chiro appointment. Hopefully, I'll feel good as new.. 

(this is not my new bike. ;0) )
I found out.. our new bike hasn't even arrived in the store to be put together. I was hoping today would be the day I could go pick up our shiny bright red and white bike... I was told its been taking 7 days. They assured me I could still get it in time to use this weekend. Now wouldn't that be great because I'm having a hard time be patient.. Can you tell? 

I feel kind of sorry for my instructors at DCTC.. They have to put up with my constant questions about grades. I'm still waiting on one grade, which I know is an A. I still want to see the grade on the computer. I then can look forward to see a certificate in the mail. I just want to hang that darn thing up on the wall.. A good way to feel a sense of accomplishment!


Do you like to pester people when waiting for things you want,  NOW? 

What are you looking forward to doing over the Memorial Day weekend? 

Swimming really makes your core strong.

Give your kids a big hug today.. and every day. Yesterdays sad news of all those children in the tornado's path is just too sad for words... Love your kids because life is precious... 

New life.. We saw the first baby geese of the year yesterday afternoon. How cute and fuzzy... This is why I love running outdoors. How else do you see all the animals and's the best way to enjoy life.. 

I ran another 9.5 miles today.. 3.5 of it outside running home from the gym, the other 6 miles on the cross ramp. My legs feel the difference from the extra miles and just running outdoors.. It's different then running inside but I love how I'm getting a good workout and can feel it. 

I also swam 1 mile yesterday in 30 minutes or 32 laps.. 1 lap = down 25 meters and back 25 meters.. 
I feel it mostly in my ribs.. or external obliques.. (side muscles) I can feel my core getting stronger.. I really thought my arms would be sore but I think from lifting weights trained my arms and they don't feel a thing! 

Off to Yoga this morning to stretch out and lose up my muscles.. 

What exercises/sports make you sore? Anything new... Swimming right now!

What's your favorite animal/bird? No favorite.. love seeing all

Favorite Yoga pose? Corpse. laying flat on your back, palms of hands facing up... breathing.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Deer run...

I love running outdoors! Nothing beats the scenery as I run. Today a deer decided to run out in front of me along the wooded path.. I looked into the woods and there were 2 other deer 5 feet away ready to dart out in front of me too until I screamed.. I just was not expecting that! 
My run was a little soggy this morning. I ran indoors 6 miles on the cross ramp then really wanted to run home the 3.5 miles only issue was it looked like a big storm was going to come any minute. I took my chances and just told Steve to come get me if he heard lightening. 

I felt great running 9.5 miles and will do it again tomorrow.. 

What's the longest distance you've ran lately? 9.5
What are your Monday workout plans? Swim 1 mile, and bike 4 or 8 miles.. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Flute.. Band

Celina's band concert..

Worm 8 Mile run..

It was raining just a little this morning but I still was able to convince Steve to bike along side of me while I ran the first 4 miles.. 
(This was before the run.. date night.. It's going to be our 14th wedding anniversary on May 22nd.)
We both have funny raccoon eyes from sunglasses and too much sun yesterday!
I also need to share this.. 
Flat bread, pesto, slow roasted chicken and garlic roasted mushrooms topped with fresh basil. What a yummy combo.. we are going to have to make this at home! 

Back to my run.. ran 4 miles on our very hilly loop and then dropped off Steve to run it  in reverse.. more hills the opposite direction. I wanted to see what my foot strike Cadence is at 1 minute. I had Steve keep track of time.. I counted each foot step, 90 per minute. It's exactly what I should be aiming for in running perfectly. One less thing to work on with my running form. 

Steve was a bit unhappy he decided not to bring a bucket to collect night crawlers for fishing.. There were so many I had to really keep my eyes on the road or I'd squish them..