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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I need to do more of this in 2014

Baking, that's what I need to do more of this year! 
Since it's January 1st, there is no better time to start baking more then by making banana bread. I practically ate one whole mini loaf by myself for a snack. Not exactly what I was trying to do, but a tasty treat hot out of the oven.

I'm also going to start making a daily what makes me happy list. 
Today what made me happy? 

Sending out a "Happy New Year 2014" Text to friends
Having a lazy day of laundry, cleaning and laying around catching up on The Big Bang Theory, first season. 

Here's a re-cap of December's total for miles running... 
 174 miles.. and to think I ran 204 miles in the month of November! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014.......

Total Number of miles I ran outside, inside treadmill, on the cross ramp or cross country =  1,967 miles for 2013

I'll have to add up the miles mountain biking! 
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