The good stuff.. Food!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Its my birthday and I don't feel 45

How can I be 45?....
Today I started my birthday off with yoga at sun rise on the dock. 

Steve came down to the dock and joined me.... a relaxing way to start the day.... celebrating my birthday.

Steve and the kids are making a camping breakfast, pancakes,  bacon and hash-browns .. with some doughnut holes and banana with strawberries. I am starving.
 Steve cooks up a really good breakfast over a propane camping stoves.. We now use 2..

Hot ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch.. 
 Jet skiing and tubing on Sauk Lake

 Soaking up the sun and playing some cribbage.. 

Best way to spend my 45th birthday... at the lake enjoying summer!

Friday, August 30, 2013

I hate it when I'm Lied to over and over..

My cell lied to me.. here I thought I was taking a cool shadow in the corn photo only to find out.. I took more of my thumb then shadow.. So much for Steve being in the photo. 

I have Steve trained... it was his idea this morning to stop in front of these beautiful sunflowers.. He had to ask about 10x's to get me to want to stop for a photo. I was afraid of crossing that patch of grass-weeds, just because I didn't want another round of itch weed on the thighs issue for the next Month.. I was super careful so I really hope I'm in the clear!!
It was another amazing morning.. Steamy.. sunny and the sun was at that perfect just coming up for the day spot.. 
Mornings truly are the best part of the day... 
I really want to find a way to convince myself that sundowns.. are the best time to go for a walk, run or bike ride too. I really think we can love evenings too.. I just have to get myself to want to do it all over again.. 
It's not that I don't want to go for a ride..or walk in the evenings.. It's just we don't always have the time or dinner runs late.. the main reason is because I've changed clothes at least 4x's already and this mean more changing and more sweaty clothes.. (I hate to lie about the real reason I won't work out in the evening..)

Our bikes have gotten more use this summer then they have in the 20 years I've owned my bike.. I'm really mad at myself for wasting all those years I could have been biking every summer morning.. 
I told you Steve was the best Chef around. This was his plate.. the potatoes were out of this world yummy.. I went back for 2 which never happens.. 

This is my plate.. I went for less is best.. Chicken and potato.. I didn't include is all the spicy humus I ate with pita chips just before dinner along with a glass of white wine.

I binged on Frosted Flakes and Tootsie rolls for dessert. I should have skipped it.. but I didn't and I'll be honest.... I'm okay with it.. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random-ness of life..

I was going through my phone photos and realized... I had not shared some important stuff.. 
Every night we get at least 5 of these cute little green tree frogs on our sliding glass door. They eat the tiny bugs that are crawling all over the window.. 
I found this frozen leaf in the freezer.. Seems Logan wanted to preserve a green leaf.. I will have to save it for winter.. when we will need green in our life!
Logan's classroom.. 5th grader this year.. my baby is growing up way too fast. 
Remember me saying I've been only eating Chunky PB on whole grain bread every day for b-fast with fruit? Well today I found whole grain cinnamon raisin bread and had 2 slices of that.. with 1 slice of my chunky Pb bread.. Unfortunately, Steve noticed it contains hydrogenated oils.. Bummer.. no more buying this stuff. 
I also have been making it a challenge to eat more fruit and veggies.. Lately I have been loving Brussel sprouts. 
We missed the last game of Celina's soccer. Too hot this week to even think of doing a lot of running when the temps are close to 100+F.. 

This was last weeks soccer game.. Steve and Logan hand in hand walking off the field.. 

Short and quicker.. and delicious-ness

Limited time to ride again today. We had to make a quick stop.. seems someones shoe laces were dangling too close to the gears.. 
 It was a speedy 11 miles today.. Steve must have been really awake because the push to go faster was definitely on his agenda today.. and I truly hate being passed up on every hill.. 
We both are feeling the effects or affects? (never do remember the rule for that word) of more biking.. which means more stretching time. My lower back is a bit stiff and my neck has been tight.. That could be from sleeping weird.. but regardless.. We spend at least 15 to 20 minutes on the floor before every ride stretching to loosen up. 
Last night we went out for my birthday dinner.  Just Me and Steve.. to Salut on Grand Ave.. 

We toasted to another year of me growing older.. I have to say.. Celina saw on my calendar that I would be turning 45. She said "What? How can you be 45? I thought you were 37 or 38" that was super nice to hear.. then again don't kids always under or over guess your age? 

Chin.. Chin.. (We always say that when doing a Cheers.. must be some French thing.. and since we were at a French Restaurant..)

It was a perfect night to be outdoors late at night (9pm. but late for us to be eating dinner). I even wore a black butterfly skirt I haven't worn since I was in my 20's. Apparently butterfly stuff was all the in thing to wear this summer in case you were unaware!

 These 2 couples behind Steve had new born (2 week old) baby boys. It was their first time out with their new little baby.. I'm even more excited to see and hold my little grand baby boy.. I can hardly wait till December.. Oh and they named their little boy August. 
To make a Cheese burger sound more French.. They call it "Le Cheeseburger".. it was excellent.. with their home made French Fries..  Who knew the French could make a perfect burger? 
While Steve truly did get some French food.. Goose liver Pate and a salad
I ordered us both one of these. I'm so nice.. but it's really because they are small and I didn't want to share! Its puff pastry, a little scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate and butterscotch drizzled on top.. small and simple to finish off my birthday meal.. 
We were stuffed then headed for home.. Good thing we bike and work out every morning.. I need to burn off the Le Cheeseburger! 

The 50 squats I've been doing daily are starting to work.. or at least I feel it in my butt (gluts) just a tiny bit.. It may not seem like many to do every day.. Trust me.. it's plenty! You'll have to try it. Just stand in front of a chair... pretend to sit down to just touching the chair and stand up.. make sure your knees don't go past your toes.. stick out that butt and do it s l o w l y to get the full (affect or effect). 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Farm Fields..

I love it when we try new bike routes.. this one we drove a few miles and got our bikes out and hit the roads by all the farm fields.. a route we usually take on the motorcycle..
 17.63 miles of biking this morning.. in 1 hour and 14 minutes...  in 70*F heat at 7:30am
 I didn't exactly have time this morning to do a longer bike route.. It took extra time getting there.. and riding but well worth it! 
I told Steve.." I think we need to do a 3 hour bike ride.. stop for a drink half way and keep going." Not sure we'd be able to sit after but it sure would be a great way to spend the day!

We also traded bikes for a short distance. Steve always complains that his bike is heavier and harder to peddle. We'll see about that? I thought it was a little more difficult and definitely a heavier bike but in all the seat was way more comfortable.. I still like my Trek bike best! He's just going to have to get a better mountain bike in the future. 

 Can you tell how happy I was to be riding some where new? 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Required to get into the water and fast!

Family day at the pool...
There really was not much lounge by the pool time.. It was way too hot for that! The cement around the pool was even burning hot!

I did a few laps around the pool but mostly played with the kids in the water.. 

 Just an observation.. a guy with his 3 year old son was at the pool asking the young girls where they lived.. Seeing you have to live in the area to even be at the pool.. Makes you think.. best to tell your kids to say "I don't feel comfortable telling you where I live." Leave it at that! I'm sure he just wanted to know if you were suppose to be at the pool.. who put him in charge? No clue but it's still best not to tell anyone where you live these days. Off to remind my own children on what not to tell and what to say when asked.. sometimes you don't think. .. and just answer people.. 
 We really did try and not go in for a little while.. It took all of 5 minutes and we were jumping feet first into the deep end... that's where we stayed the entire time at the pool...
A pretty great way to spend a hot afternoon... I have a feeling tomorrow we won't be so lucky..