The good stuff.. Food!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shred It....

This Picture has nothing to do with the Jillian Michael's Shred it! I just wanted to share the delicious garlic/butter and olive oil roasted tomatoes... We had this last night with some cheese..and bread, (Yum.. .)
 Eating all this yummy stuff is exactly why I need to workout! After the Jillian shed & Shred workout today.. I felt okay about eating all that goodness last night! 
This workout.. is not for beginners.. You will die! Kidding... it's just really tough circuits with no stopping to rest at all.. for 30 minutes.. each exercise is done for 30 seconds.. no resting.. right into the next one.. The 15 minute warm up is going through all the circuit exercises just to learn them and know what to expect.
 (A workout in itself!) 

Do I feel like this will make me Ripped in 30 days? No... why do I say that? Because food plays 99% of the problem for me. I need to lose body fat to be Ripped! I Like.. LOVE.. food way too much! 

I do think I have tons of room for improvement on this workout.. I know my weaknesses.. and I have something new that will definitely get my un-used muscles working! We'll see how sore I am or not tomorrow?? 

I'm almost exhausted... Here's what I did today!
-Ran outside 4 miles in 42 minutes (don't judge.. I wanted an easy day)
- Gentle Yoga (1 hour)
- Swim Laps, freestyle without stopping 30 minutes (harder then you think!)
- Biking 20 minutes- 4 miles 
- 45 minutes of Shed/Shred workout non-stop circuits
- 20 minutes biking - 4 miles
Sitting on the couch the rest of the night! 

I Really did eat a bunch of crap to make up for all the calories I burned.. I know.. I know.. not the best choices!
Chocolate Bread 
Hot dog bun (more bread)
Pasta Salad.. But it did have veggies! 
Whole Wheat Bread with PB
2 Bananas

I'm getting way.. way.. way.. too much bread in my diet. It's time to work on getting more veggies.. What happened to 5 to 7 servings of veggies per day? Got to work on that one! 

Do you get in all your veggie servings per day? 

Do you eat to make up for all the calories you burn in a workout? 

What workouts have you tried and liked? 

I'm riding!

It was beautiful yesterday. Perfect temperature for a spring day.. 
I never did go for my bike ride.. instead I took this ride.. on the back of Steve's motorcycle.. My new goggles to keep the wind out of my eyes.. They look kind of goofy but hey.. they really work! 
The best Non-meat meal we've had... Mac & Cheese, pasta with lots of veggies.. 
I'm doing new things today.. 

-Only ran 4 miles outside and it took a whopping 42 minutes.. pretty slow.. 
-Gentle Yoga.. Okay so that's not a new thing on Tuesday.. 
-Jillian shred workout today.. (not sure how I'm going to like this.. but if I can do INSANITY.. how bad could this be? 
Swimming laps this morning and I will go for both a motorcycle ride and am going to bike 4 miles! 

That's the plan.. What's yours? 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Lots to share!

I had to share the most incredible bread ever!!! Bread Smith's Chocolate Coco bread..I can't explain how good this bread is.. you must try it for yourself.  
Head bands are on my mind.. I bought these head bands in hopes of holding back my bangs. I forgot all about the fact I have this flat head.. My head just won't hold a head band in place. Darn flat head! 

I'll have to stick to waiting until I sweat enough to have my bangs held back.. I was sooo excited to try out some head bands since they look so cute on other people. Good thing Celina has a nice head shape. She can  wear them instead. 

What's the best bread you've ever had? 

Do you wear head bands? Other hair accessories when running? 

Wishy... Washy..

I have this love.. hate thing going on with races.. I'm being wishy- washy now.. I finally told Steve of my plans to maybe do some races this summer. One being.. this one.. I love Burnsville on June 2nd. 
I just was not expecting his "okay.. then do it". I just figured he would want to be gone camping or doing anything other then spending a Saturday morning waiting around for me to run and collect any place awards I might or might not get. 

This is me... last year 2012  - 5K race. I came in 2nd place in my age group for women. My first race of the year and the only one I came in 2nd.. the rest I was first in my age group. 

The only reason I want to run it again.. is to get my first place win! Is that enough of a reason to want to run it? I'd have to get a better time then last year.. 24 minutes and seven seconds. The woman who ran it faster then me got a 23 minutes and ? seconds so I'd have to try for 23 minutes.. that means I'd be running a 7 minute and 30 second mile. I can do it.. I think? It's going to hurt.. yikes! The only good thing.. it only hurts for 23 minutes.. then I'm okay. 

Food Feast..

What better way to start off the day .. Free Breakfast at Ikea! Just to let you know.. I did have to pay 99cents for that cinnamon roll..  I'm kind of picky about my eggs.. I like real eggs not powder hydrated ones.. so I skipped it.. 
Dino's Chicken Gyro's for lunch.. why oh why do I only eat these at the State Fair in August.. only 1 time a year? They are sooo good!  Don't worry... I might have downed a few calories but I also ran 6 miles this morning at 5am! 
It was a great Monday.... no work.. only play.. and we not only went to Ikea but to the Como Zoo... 
I kind of felt like this sloth..after all the food we ate.. sluggish and tired.. 
I love the Primate exhibit the best.. They had 3 new gorillas and all the animals were awake for the most part..  
Hum... wonder what she's thinking? 

Okay.. I passed up a motorcycle ride this afternoon.. to go bike 4 miles.. I really need go for a ride, but I still feel over-stuffed from lunch.. Might have to wait another hour.. or maybe tonight? It's only 20 minutes after all.. I should have no problem getting out to burning off some calories.. So why don't I want to do it? Ugh!!!! Feeling Lazy and tired.. 

When was the last time you visited a zoo? 

What's your favorite animal?

Where else do they have great free food deals? 

Things to make you go...

I wanted a speedometer for my bike.. Something simple to use, exactly like the one I had at 9 years old. It was simple.. just hit the re-set and it would tell you exactly how fast you were biking and how far.. That's all I want. Its not what I found. Instead of something simple to use.. I got the most complicated bike thing ever! You would think with just 2 buttons it would be easy.. No.. I actually went through the directions many times and tried to learn all the abbreviated codes only to give up.. I now bring my phone and it has a great app for all I wanted to know. How sad is that! 
This wont be getting any use! 


What stuff have you bought and never used? 

Are you feeling great on this Monday? 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Are those really my arms?

My arms look semi muscular??.. I have to admit.. I'm neglecting them for the most part on a daily basis. I'm lucky to get in some tricep dips, chest press, and dumb bell curls etc. There is just so much I want to fit into one day sometimes I forget about weights and it really doesn't have to take longer then 30 minutes. 5 minutes.. is just not enough time to spend,  I should be doing more. In all.. I'm okay with this 44 year old looking arm.. After all my arms use to be bigger then Steve's and it was not muscle.. pure 100% flabby fat! 
Time to go PUMP them UP... 
Do you have nice arm muscles? How long did it take to get them that way or have they always been nice? When I was a swimmer I had nice arms.. It's been a long time coming!

What always surprises you (how you look)on photos of yourself? Any muscle tone!

Do they wiggle and jiggle a little less?

It feels like my buns jiggle & wiggle just a little bit less this spring.. I'm 100% positive I'm a little delusional on this fact but I'll believe what I want.. After all.. I have been working on my buns daily since I lost the 50 pounds! That was back in December of 2010... 
I'm never going to have Buns of Steel.. or anything semi close to that. 

I need to share what my workout week looked like.. Monday - Sunday (today!) 

Total miles of running outdoors = 20 (3hrs 20 min)
Total miles of cross ramp running (indoors) = 24 or (4 hours)
Other type of exercise.. 1 hour Yoga
                                     15 minutes of lap swimming
                                      1 hour of line dancing
                                      8 miles (40 minutes) of biking (outdoors)
                                     80 minutes or more of abs and arms 

Total hours for the week = 12 hours aprox. 

Today I biked 4+ miles, then ran 3.5 miles, abs/arms/chest 15 minutes, ran 3.5 miles and biked 4.0 miles... I'm also learning to eat half my breakfast before I go exercise (I ate 1 slice whole grain bread with 1Tbsp Peanut butter, 1 banana and water). The rest of my b-fast I ate after.. same amount.. and I felt great! Plenty of energy to get me thought without hitting a wall of hunger and being tired.. I think this is going to be my new pre-fuel workout plan! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm off and running..

Sleep.. sleep and more sleep!

I slept for 10 hours last night! 9:30pm to 7:30am. I usually get on the average of 7 or less per night. I'm positive the outside running yesterday has made me a better sleeper! 

It felt really strange running outdoors again.. and it was strange running so late in the morning. I'm usually up and out the door to run at 5am.. today it was 9am.. before I left the house to run. 

I ran to the gym once again.. all the way from home.. with Steve riding the bike along side of me.. 
I look as if I'm doing some weird chicken dance.. 
I always time myself and even though I feel like I'm slower starting out again this year. My running times are exactly the same. I did more intervals today.. Ran full speed up the monster hill because my intestines were calling out.. GET TO THE GYM for a PIT STOP.. FAST!!!! 7 miles in a little less then 70 minutes (including stopping for the light 2x's).. or aprox 10 minutes per mile.. Nice and easy.. 

How fast do you run an easy mile on the average? 9 to 10 minutes

Do you ever compete with runners you pass on an easy run? All the time.. I just can't seem to pass up the opportunity to keep up or pass someone if I can..

Friday, April 26, 2013

Is this your bike?

Your going to laugh at this 70's stationary bike. I think it was the first of it's kind EVER! 
Thankfully, we are making the in-laws retire this baby! On to new and functioning.... Funny or not so.... we now have it in our garage! We covered it with that sheet just to hid it.. 

Ah.. there it is! My Purple Trek! It really needs some TLC.. It's never been maintained and the chain is a black greasy mess along with the break pads. I guess after 20 years it's time to get it tuned up. 

This is the bike I'll be doing a tri with.. Not exactly the kind of bike I want to use. I pumped up the tires and all I felt like doing was going around the block.. 

What can I say.. it was a lazy nice outside today.. I think it even reached 70*F.. I'm happy.. sunglasses on and sun on my face and I got in an outside deck nap!


What are your workout plans for Sunday? Run outside 7 miles, swim 30 minutes.. bike outside 25 minutes

Do you own ancient workout equipment? NONE! I don't own a treadmill, a stationary bike or any kind of big equipment. I did have a stair master at one point in my 20's.. 

Seasonal Changes..

Seasonal Changes are great and they are also something to worry about. Its best not to think about going to workout.. It's too easy to NOT do it. I'm going to workout.. No ifs ands or buts! 

I have no plan today and more choices which makes it more fun and more complicated. I don't like complicated. 

Should I run the indoor track? On the cross ramp or  run outside? Should I swim and bike? What about weights..? I need to do my abs and work on my arm fat. 

I wanted Steve to bike while I ran this morning to the gym. I didn't feel like going alone. There is something about doing something new for the first time again.. I wanted to have someone with me. He said it was too cold outside.. 40's.. Sunny and no wind. What? Perfect for running.. not too hot, not too cold.. just right! 

Time to compromise.. I would get dropped off on the other side of a busy road, which I didn't want to cross.. and would run 3 miles to the gym meet Steve, do my abs, arms and then run to the drop stop and get picked up to avoid that busy road. Sounded like a good plan?

I really felt great running outside this morning. Time went by so fast.. I watched all the birds.. and enjoyed fresh air. I felt slower than last summer. My heart rate was around 140/151.. pumping hard. I still felt great.. no need to slow down. I even ran some intervals (speeding up and slowing down) between cracks on the path during the last 5 minutes of my run .. 

It was a bad idea was to have Steve pick me up 10 minutes from home. I should have just ran all the way.. I waited and waited unfortunately.. my stomach wanted to get home FAST! I decided to just run home.. got to the light and there he was.. ugh!! Now I had to run back.. all I wanted was to get home! Next time.. I'll just run home.. 

In all.. a great day to run outdoors.. no more inside for me! 
It's going to be 70 and I'm going for a bike ride!! 

Loving Spring..............................................

What's your favorite thing about spring? 

Did you run outdoors today? 

Do much biking? Swimming? 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Line Dancing.. Or Old Folks Home?

I felt like I was at the old folks home.. no it was just line dancing.. 

I was really looking forward to this new class. The last time I line danced was in elementary school to Barry Manilow. I loved line dancing and wanted to re-live it once again.  I should have requested some Barry songs.. Copacabana and I Write the Songs. 

                                                   This was back in the 70's!

Line dancing hasn't changed much? Then again what do I know.. I was only 10 or 11. I did like it even if I was the youngest in the class by at least 15 to 20 years. 

Because this class was mostly (all - except me) seniors.. It was slow paced.. but I did find myself having fun and laughing. One of the last dances we did was 2 lines facing each other.. it was kind of like red-rover.. come on over.. Surprisingly when I didn't think as much about the newly learned dance steps.. I did pretty good. It's only when I actually was concentrating on the dance when I'd screw it up. 

If you want something completely fun and don't mind hanging with the seniors... I'd highly recommend this class.. So go out and Line dance.. Now where can I find some square dancing.. ;0) 

This little heart...

It's test day.. on the heart system in Anatomy! I have exactly 3 weeks left and that means.. 2 more quizzes and 1 BIG final test worth half our grade! We've been on this chapter for 2 weeks now and I'm not sure the extra time really makes a difference. I know I studied less, but this morning I actually used most of the hour on the cross ramp while running to do more studying. I'm going to be taking this quiz 35 pts right after I'm done with my yummy b-fast... 

I had to share.. this is what my kids and their friends do.. all sit around in silence playing Mind  Craft on their laptops. 

I'll be hiding behind my laptop too for the next 30 minutes... off to take my test.. hoping for another A..!

This afternoon.. I'm going to be working out my little fist size heart again.. line dancing and hopefully finding sometime to swim laps for  30 minutes! 


How are you going to work your heart today? 

Do you spend hours hiding behind a computer? Some days

Play any on-line games? NO

Got a "A" on my test.. 34 questions and I ended up with 32.. now which 2 did I get wrong??? 

I need to digest my lunch then off to Line dance. Skipping swimming because finally it's sunny and nice outside! Might have to go for a run instead? 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What about those abs?

I hardly ever talk about how much I work on my abs. Just in case you wanted to know.. Every day! Yes, that's right. I do ab exercises every day any where from 10 to 15 minutes. It's not a lot of time but enough to give them some attention every single day. 

Do I have a 6 pack? No.. and why not? It's pretty much impossible to get a 6 pack without dropping to a really low % of body fat. I would really like to see a 6 pack but I have this problem.. It's called Food! 

What kind of ab exercises do I do? 
I only do ab exercises after I've ran for at least 6 miles. I also make sure I do a lot of stretching before so I work out any back aches and pains.. 

15 to 20 reps of leg lifts (bent knees & straight) 2x's
20 reps, front, right side, left side.. (I also add weights in front of my body up to 15 pounds) 2x's all sides
Incline sit up.. highest incline to make it extra tough.. 15 reps and just 1 set.. sometimes I twist from side to side.. 
Machine crunches.. 80 pounds lift 10 reps, 2 sets.. I don't do these all the time any more.. 
Lastly.. at home.. when I have time.. or am doing some warm up stretches I include some stability ball crunches.. just because they feel good and I do as many as I want..

It's short, quick and easy enough to fit in every day.. I also do planks.. but I hate it.. because they are HARD! It's also not an every day thing for me but it really should be.. 

It's also good to work your abs every day..unlike your other muscles, Your abs don't need a rest day. Your core.. (abs) are needed in every day life.. You got-ta work it! 

Do you have a 6 pack.. 4.... 2? 

How many minutes each day do you work those abs? 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cutting back...

Today has not been my best day.... Who can blame me from the looks of the weather?? 
Our deck goes from snow gone to covered again.. back and forth week after week...

Sometimes that's how workouts feel.. back and forth.. more energy to less then thrilled.. week after week, year after year.. I know there is not going to be a time where I don't workout.. I just need to cut back some days. This is one of those days where I went through the motions, but was not into it..

I ran this morning.. 6 miles.. I didn't feel like going.. I went to Yoga.. and just wanted to do the corpse pose for an hour.. Swimming.. I sat in the hot tub for an extended time.. then sat at the edge of the pool for a long time just staring at the water.. I even tried  to convince myself... "just swim for a few laps and see how you feel". I swam for 5 minutes.. then said I'd do at least 10.. made it to 15 and called it quits for the day.. 

How can I go from reading up all about tri's and being excited to check out a new technique to blah.. not wanting to do anything at all.. 

What was the new technique? Swimming.. alternate every 3 stokes breathing on the right and left side. I'm a right side breather.. So it's a challenge switching it up... I'd rather not but I read that to know where you are going in open water it's best to see in all directions.. This means I need to practice breathing from both sides.. 

Does snow and running go together?

I think NOT! While it was extra pretty outside today with all the heavy wet snow. I'm still not going to run in it! 
Did I hear its going to be in the 60's by the weekend? 
You'd never know by the look of it this morning.. 
I got in some shoveling workout.. 296 calories per hour... it only took 20 minutes.. 2x's close enough to an hour and it was the extra, extra heavy stuff. I just don't understand why some people don't want to get exercise and hire out plowing. Simple and good for you to do.. No back breaking work.. as you just push it to the side. Their loss..on fitness!! Even my kids wanted to help last night. We had fun shoveling.. you'd think we would be sick of it and we are but there is something about snow that brings you all together.

Today.. gentle yoga,, already ran.. going to swim and lift weights.. Plus today we finish Celina's room.. painting and adding big trim! 

Do you like shoveling snow? 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Together-ness... and chocolate

I'm so happy to say.. I asked Steve to join me in the Tri.. He said YES!!! 

We will do a relay.. I will swim, he will bike and then I'll run! You might be asking why I need or want to share the tri? The bike thing really isn't my thing ... I have a tail bone issue and sitting too long will make it too sore! Steve loves to bike. In fact, when we first started working out together that's all he wanted to do... bike, bike and more biking.. until I suggested he try the cross ramp... Now he mostly does the cross ramp, but adds in biking. Plus, he's always willing to bike with me while I run.. Not a workout for him.. but lots of hills to go up and he makes it challenging. 
I also made these yummy Chocolate-chocolate chip crinkle cookies. I never liked these as a kid until I discovered adding extra chocolate chips to the batter makes them extra yummy! I stopped at 2.. and they were really good with a banana. You can tell I don't ever eat chocolate covered bananas.. if I'm just discovering this great combo. 

Now.. off to search for a tri-relay race.. 

What cookies do you love? 

Have you ever competed in a relay race? 


Surprise! I really do own workout clothes in a color other then black or pink. Steve's reaction was something like this.. Is that your shirt? You look good in blue.. what no black today? 
I might have to wear this all week because I checked the weather report and we are going to get more snow.. 4 to 7" today and more on Wednesday.. Now I am feeling BLUE... 

I had one of those mornings.. I didn't feel like running on the cross ramp for an hour. What choice do I have? None.. It's either run or gain.. I choose to run because now after I put in my hour.. 6.0miles I feel great.. Glad I did it.. But it sure was tough.. This weekend I ran on an indoor track.. That seems easy.. maybe because it's just different and because I'm actually moving and not staying stationary. 

I love the library.. I picked up a bunch of books 10+ to get me all in the Know about a tri,.. how to train..what to wear, what to expect.. Do I take any advice? Not really... What I did find out after some research on the internet.. Tri bikes average $3500.. on up.. I think the lowest cost was $2000 for a bike.. I'll never own a tri bike.. I'm not that serious about it.. So what are my other options? Rent one for $160? Or just use the mountain bike I own.. or maybe just get a regular road bike. This is what I lay awake at night worrying about. What kind of bike should I get, use or want if I do this tri.. and maybe more? 

What do you lay awake worry about at night? over sleeping for training.. work schedule to fit in working out.. 

Do you love the library.. how many books is okay to check out? Love it.. No limit..  but I do always have over due fees.. 

How much do you spend on sport equipment, gym fees etc? I pay $12 a month for a gym membership and do volunteer work for the pool, track and classes (free), I spend the most on running shoes $130 and usually get cheap workout stuff. $5 tanks, $10 shorts.. my ipod was $130, heart rate monitor/watch (free/credit card pts) swim suit $20, goggles $17, cap $10.... I did spend $200 on x-ski's and $300 on downhill ski's but really not too much.. I'm also not adding in all the workout equipment I purchased.. weights, dumb bells, kettle bell, ladder, stepper.. etc.. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I felt like Flipper!

I had a Flipper the dolphin moment in the pool. The first lap with my new swim cap, goggles and I added fins!
They just make you feel freakishly fast! I was swimming freestyle so effortlessly.. I just kept going and going! 

I think my new racing goggles and swim cap really made a difference too. The goggles were clear the entire time I swam.. I mean crystal Clear! The swim cap was nice how it came over my ears to keep the water out.. some what.. but what I did notice.. no hair in my eyes and it felt a lot more stream lined.. of course that could have been from the flippers!  I felt like a real swimmer today. Funny how just getting all the "Stuff" for the sport makes you feel official! 

I bring a crazy amount of stuff with me to the gym.. Towel, change of clothes, make-up, shampoo bag, phone, bag to hold my water bottles, key for my lock, study papers, swim suit, goggles  cap, watch, ipod.. and the list goes on... I should also bring my own hair dryer but I use the gyms instead of lugging one more thing.. 
I was starving when I got home from Running 6 miles (1 hour) around and around that indoor track... No biking.. and 30 minutes of swimming!  I had to make some pancakes.. followed by a slice of fruit tart.. it just would not be right if I didn't have some fruit for breakfast! 


Do you feel like a true athlete in a sport without all the "stuff" that goes along with it? 

Have any fun swimming workouts to try? 

Do you use flippers? 

How long was your run today? 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Are we loving the snow?

Hey there Mr. Snowman.. What are you still doing here April 20th? Shouldn't you be long gone? 

I am having a rather lazy Saturday.. Sound familiar? I did do something... I made a mini Mr. Snowman. on the door step. He seems out of place to be hanging around.. It's sunny and it sure feels good soaking up the sunshine even if it's only 40*F...

I have this problem every Saturday.. I workout long and hard.. then my energy level drops! What happened to Exercising makes you have more energy? It clearly does not! I did figure out what I need. Naps.. yes.. but more caffeine  I am going to try just having a little when I'm feeling like I could use a pick me up.. I've been reaching for ice cream.. cookies etc.. and its not working.. it just zaps my energy even more.. and then I've eaten a bunch of empty calories. 

I was kind of disappointing to find out swimming is just not a big calorie burner like running. Well, I knew that but didn't want to believe it. For all my hard work in the pool.. I burn about 250 to 300 calories.. and it depends on the stroke and effort. I give myself a moderate pace.. .. Biking about the same too.. I can't get too hung up on the number of calories burned.. I'm really doing all this exercise so I don't die doing a tri.. I would rather be over prepared then sucking air or water.. 


Have any tricks or suggestions for getting rid of the lazies? 

Are you a snowman builder, snow eater? 

Wine tasting and workouts..

We had a fun wine tasting last night.. My head didn't feel so great this morning but I managed to get up  at 4:30am and then realized.. I didn't need to get up until 5:15am.. more rest! 

I love the sweet wines but I'm trying to grow my taste buds into liking more less sweet and red wines..

We started early and finished late in to the night.. 

Here's what I did this morning.. 31 minutes of biking.. 10 miles - DONE
                 31 minutes of Running around the track.. 3 miles
                 31 minutes of Swimming and I actually swam for 25 minutes then did a 5 minute kick cool down.. I also checked out some workouts that were posted..might have to try some of the suggested workouts for variety. Right now.. I'll just concentrate on swimming more laps Freestyle and less and less breast stroke. I was trying to be good and alternate between breast stoke and freestyle. If it was my choice.. I'd just do breast stroke but for a tri.. I'll need to do only freestyle. 

Here's what I know.. 25 meters is the pool length.. 
1 miles = 64 lengths down and back.. 
How many meters in a 400 meter swim (quarter mile)? 16 lengths or 8 laps (down and back) I think this is the length of a tri sprint swim.. 

Am I going to be ready to do a tri? Of course! 

What are your Saturday plans? Workout, paint.. 

Favorite kind of wine? Anything sweet!