The good stuff.. Food!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stealth Health

It's getting difficult to share laptops with Logan.. His needs a new hard drive.. (new computer already ka-put)... Good thing it's still covered, but it's still going to take at least 10 days.. when I ship it back.. 
I found a new book on clearance yesterday at the book store, called Stealth Health.. by Readers Digest.. It's tons and tons of tips on how to live a healthier life.. You make 3 little changes a day.. after 4 days, you have to add a different 3.. My 3 for today are:
1. floss my teeth.. (I don't always get the back teeth so I'm making sure to do all..)
2. Start stretching in bed 15 minutes before getting up to circulate the blood in my feet.. (I usually jump out of bed and then I feel like a 90 year old woman walking across the wood floor...)
3. Brush my tongue for 3 minutes.. (I do brush but not for 3 minutes.. more like 3 seconds so I just decided to spend 30 seconds.. after all we wake up with 300+ bacteria on our tongues.) yucky! Every day I plan to add in a few more good healthy changes.. Then it got me to thinking about all the little changes I have been making the past 3 years.. (that's a whole other post!)
My challenge diet has not been going so good.. Yesterday was a trip to the ortho.. there are always fruit slushies and warm chocolate chip cookies waiting for us.. It's impossible to skip these treats!
Celina will be done with braces in 12 weeks.. that means 2 more trips to get slushies and cookies.. Don't worry.. I'll still get my treats, Logan will start up pretty soon and I'm sure there are some follow up appointments.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A little rain and some almonds Please!

I finally found some Almond Butter without the hydrogenated veg oil.. I like it.. It's way better then the Sunflower seed butter.. 

I had to do this side by side comparison... but I couldn't till I made that almond butter Chunky.. to the grinder I went with almonds in hand and made my own chunky version.. 
As for the taste test.. Sorry to say.. While I love almonds... the butter is just okay.. I still love, love my chunky peanut-butter.. 

I did some running this morning in the rain... the rain even started before I left to run and I still went out to run. Imagine that.. I didn't back out and not go! I only ran 4 miles because I've been sleeping in and not allowing myself enough time to run 8 miles in the morning. 

I haven't been training.. the way I'd like.. which would be 2 sports back to back.. Run-bike, bike-swim, swim-run... or even all 3... I'm going to have to change something soon or summer will be gone and my time up to do all.. 

Yesterday, I was doing great on my diet.... keeping busy.. ate a protein bar when I was feeling overly hungry-stressed... but blew it on dinner.. 2 hot dog buns.. 1 hot dog.. then at 9pm.. sat down with the kids and ate beef jerky still not that bad but then ate who knows how many Cheetos! Grrrrr... I must have needed more salt? Not my best decision of the day.. a weak moment... now back on track today and I'll put that behind me and move on.. Today will be a good healthy eating day. I'll stay busy and get in a bike ride or another run later on this evening! Make sure you ask if I really did it or not!

Monday, July 29, 2013

But It's whole Wheat and a perk!

Sometimes you have to improvise when you are just half a cup a away from being able to bake some cookies! I ran out of white all purpose flour.. Good thing I always have whole wheat on hand.. I have yet to try my healthier Dark Chocolate Chip cookies but they look pretty darn good...

I'm trying to find something that will get me all excited to run.. I bought myself one more hat.. one just is not enough.. I realized that when I went to put on my one and only hat one morning only to discover it was still wet from sweat the day before.. That means.. it's really time for 2 hats!

This one said for women.. one size fits all.. Guess they didn't include us small headed women! I'm out of Velcro to make it tight enough.. so when the wind from a truck blew by.. I had to hold on... 

I only ran 4 miles.. did it fast because when you have to Go.. I run extra fast just to get home! 39 minutes and 25 seconds! Not super speedy but I sure picked up the pace the last 15 minutes of my morning run! 

Its also day 4.. must be a low calorie day! Afterall.. in 8 days I get weighted in and I must be losing! This challenge is just what I needed! I keep looking at my skinny jeans and think.. Good thing I'm doing this so I can fit into those come fall.. I don't want to buy larger sizes!!! Plus, I have 2 pairs of shorts.. (White & Tan) that have been a little tight.. 10 pounds off my butt will definitely make me feel better! I do feel so much better eating healthy! This is sooo good for me! 

Family Dinners and friends

Talk about spur of the moment! We had a great family dinner night with friends that dropped in... 

The one time we decide to try something completely different for dinner and good thing we had plenty of food!
Pork, chicken.. all kinds of veggies, noodles and rice!
Plus.. home made dessert: spiced pound cake, vanilla ice cream, real vanilla whip cream with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Even thought I'm still trying to lose weight.. I can treat myself once in awhile! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Soccer Workout!

The kids and I did a soccer workout! Celina got some new soccer Cleats today.. shiny silver and blue.. what  good way to see how they work!
I got to chase all the balls we brought.. You can never have enough when practicing goal kicks!

I think we ran around after those soccer balls for a good hour!

I think all this practice is working.. Both kids have a strong soccer kick!

Beer Fest!.. something other then running!

We went to Beer Fest at Canterbury Park all day Saturday.. Funny thing is.... I don't drink BEER!
I did find some apple cider beer and lemon Beer that was pretty good. For the most part.. I was with to make sure the guys all got home with a sober ride.. Drinking from 1 to 6pm was a lot of beer!

We even got a front row spot to watch the horse races.. No betting as we were there to drink!

Didn't know it was going to be an all day outside day!! Not exactly a warm July day either!

They even had a game where you hit a nail... 
After we went to Mystic Lake.. all lost at some quick games.. then headed to Doolittle for dinner

Day 2 of the challenge was a challenge to eat healthy at the Beer Fest.. 
Here's what I ate for the day

2 slices of whole grain bread and peanut butter - breakfast
fried chicken with sweet/spicy sauce and some fries - lunch
1/2 soft pretzel - snack
Kettle Corn - snack
Chicken breast rotisserie - Dinner
1/2 mashed potatoes - dinner
Some apple cider beer - 1 - 120 calories?? (all day amount)
2 slices bread with butter - dinner

Not the best choices but I made due.. I avoided buying mini donuts and I shared all my meals and snacks. Although I think I ate a lot of the kettle corn which made me feel kind of sick. 

I'm sure I didn't lose any weight yesterday but thankfully I ran 8 miles and was standing all day to help burn off some calories! At least I didn't gain weight yesterday!

Sunday Miles..but would rather do fun things..

I always think weekends I'll have all this extra time to run my long.. run and put in 13+ miles.. 
I've instead been enjoying the cooler weather and sleeping in.. 
Sunday is a great day to go to the St. Paul Farmers Market.. and we do our over favorite thing.. Have breakfast in this deli restaurant right next to the market. They have the Best Breakfast food!
We always do a Sunday night family dinner. I wanted Stir fry tonight since they have all these veggies perfect for cooking.. We picked up 2 types of peppers, onions, green beans then went to the store for noodles, ginger root, broccoli, tomatoes and pea pods. I even purchased some chop sticks for the occasion.. I'm thinking fortune cookies would be fun also for a dessert.. 

Week update!
How many miles did I swim = Zero! (not good!!!)
How many miles did I bike = (7.5 but more today ____)
How many miles running =  50!!!
Day 3 before the 90-day challenge weight in.. see other post to find out what I did on Saturday! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some mornings you just have to stay in bed.... just a bit longer!

There are days I just don't want to get out of bed and I'd rather just sleep and be lazy.. Thankfully it is a Saturday and I could sleep in until after 8am! That's what happens when you stay up till 12am! It's not pretty the next day! 

I was freezing cold.. not a nice thing in July! I just wanted to keep sleeping under the warm covers.. I'm not a sleep in kind of person so 8am is pretty late for me.. and up and off I went to run...

My 2nd 4 mile hilly loop was pretty slow.. 43 minutes and 15 seconds.. It's okay.. I allow myself to just enjoy the run and take it nice and easy!

Even thought it was like 50*F out this morning.. I sure got sweaty!

I always leave a note.. It's good to let someone know when I left and aprox when I'll return and where I'm going. I try not to forget to do this!

I noticed.. that I wear pink a lot.. at least today I changed my tank.. 
I'm on Day 2 of my 12 days before weight in.. 11 now.. 
Yesterday I did GREAT! Kept under 1000 calories for the day and burned 1250 aprox calories for the day.. I did just what I said I would do! Kept busy.. even mowed the back yard.. stayed out of the kitchen and was mindful on how I ate and the choices I made. I did have 1/2 a slice of white bread with Honey butter.. It all fit into my under 1000 calories for the day! I am determined to lose 10 pounds! 

Friday, July 26, 2013


Remember that list I made of my trigger food to NOT have in the house? Well, my cheesy pasta shells is also one of them.. I have an entire pan of delicious shells that I can't eat! I'm thinking they will freeze nicely and I can have portion control after Aug 29th!
I also have chocolate chip cookie dough in the frig.. Baking cookies as I write this but luckily they are not for me.. going to a customer.. It's still not helping that I have all this cookie dough right there in front of me..
I am doing fine on my plan to lose weight.. I have been keeping busy all morning.. working hard. I was in need of something to eat and I decided on a banana. I know.. its not a vegetable but a fruit and that's on my okay list too! 

I got this nice new bag at the 5K trail race. I'm will be replacing my other one now that this one is in my life! I realized I have no clue what this company Salomon makes.. must have something to do with running? I hardly glanced at the booth they had set up... I think there were trail running shoes so I'm guessing that's what they make along with other things that I will 
Google to find out.. Time to check out their website.. It's not like I'll shop but it never hurts to look.. right? 

I did it to myself!

Yikes.. I got the 90-day challenge call.. weight in.. and time is almost up! 

I have not been losing weight.. While I've been still working out every day.. I've been eating crap!

I have exactly 12 days to get in shape.. Lose the 10 pounds or at least have the scale start going down.. 

My plan of attack:
Eat only veggies.
Keep moving 
Exercise 2x's a day
Lifting weights (I've been neglecting this)
Keep my determination in full swing! Key to losing weight.. it's a mind game that I can win again!!!

I also decided.. no weighing myself..I'll wait till the 6th.. then I still have 20 some days to go before the end of the challenge.. 

I did this to myself after all.. It's time to buckle down and focus on what I want to accomplish!

My New Favorites!

This is my new favorite running shirt. I've worn it for the last 2 days in a row and I never usually do that with shirts. 
It's a looser fitting shirt.. and moisture wicking fabric.. Lets air flow across my skin keeping me a lot cooler. My other tanks keep the sweat right next to my skin.. I went in search of another top just like this one last night but I didn't find any! I'll have to check out all the other stores and see if I can find it in another color.. Plus its cheap, Just $5 at Walmart.. Image that.. cheap running clothes!
look at how big my tomatoes are getting. I can't wait to make some fresh salsa with home grown tomatoes by me!
I do love my super chunky peanut butter but had a craving for something different.. Off in search of something else to spread on my whole grain bread in the morning. Sunflower seed spread is okay.. really close in taste to peanut butter. Maybe it needs chunks of sunflower seeds? I really wanted to try the cashew spread but it had hydrogenated oils so no go for me! Now off to find some Almond butter spread.. That sounds super nummy! 

Also ran my favorite 4 mile hilly loop and Steve joined me via bike for part of my run. 


Do you have favorite workout clothes? 

Ever done a spread (peanut, almond, cashew, sunflower) taste test? 

Do you eat the same thing for breakfast every morning?  

What are some of your favorite things? 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Junk Miles?

On my early morning run through the woods..  I remember reading about so called Junk miles... 
I don't believe any mile is junk that I've just ran. All the miles I run equal 100 calories I burn up.. and that's a good thing! 
Of course if your injured then yes.. running more will not help your injury.. maybe that's why there are junk miles? no longer having any good impact on you.. I'll go with that!

Proud Parent Moments..

I have lots of opportunities to be a proud parent of all my children..
Last night.. Celina scored a goal that tied the game... 
The coach recognized Celina's soccer efforts last night and gave her a verbal award of the player of the game and best job of hustling on the field. To me it doesn't matter if they win or lose.. it's how my kids participate in the game and in life.. Just try your hardest and I will be proud!
Logan had a few goals too through the season!
Love watching my kids have fun in a sport they both enjoy.. Plus who doesn't like to sit outside on a nice evening!!

10 Miles this morning!

I didn't start off planning to run 10 miles.. but that's just what I did! 
After running my very hilly route.. I decided that I wanted to run some trails.. The only way to get there.. Run!
I had no idea of how long this run to the park trails would take. I decided to bring my phone with GPS just so I knew how many miles I'd be running!
It was a perfect morning for a long run and I loved the beautiful trail run.. 
Lots of nice scenery to look at and so many bird calls to listen to... I did all my running slow this morning.. 1 hour and 47 minutes.. with a few stops to take some photos..