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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Best-est Friend Ever!!

How does she do it? ..Ever so thoughtful!!!

 I received a surprise package in the mail today.. totally out of the blue Julie sent me an early B-day gift. She is much too thoughtful.. What a cool gift.. and I love how she noticed what I needed from my blog.. I've never seen one of these Boogie Boards, but it's super Cool! I already have it up on my door... 
My new Where am I on my run...board! Thank you.. thank you!!! What a fab friend I do have!!!
I do have to tell you a little about my friend of many years now.. 

She is the best kind of friend you want.. for so many reasons.. but here are just a few...
1. She listens to all my crazy family stuff.
2. She gives excellent advice
3. She is super thoughtful.. always remembering anniversaries, b-days you name it!
4. She inspires me to do things out of the norm.. go after dreams no matter where you are in life..
5. She is strong.. kind and caring..and a good friend!
6. I could go on and on... So thank you Julie for being my friend all these years.. I hope to be as good of a friend as you have been to me.. 

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